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Book Recommendations from Friends
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  • Good Books is a curated collection of book recommendations from the world's most successful, influential and interesting people. We've spent 6 months analysing 15,000+ book recommendations and have handpicked the best to add to your reading list.
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  • Finding what to watch, read, or eat has become too difficult. So we created Friendspire, a simpler way to find and save new favorites.
    🔍 Better 🎥📺📚🎙️🍴🍷 recommendations
    🔖 Save and ➕ rate in one place
    🗒️ Discover & build lists
    🤝 Connect with friends
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  • I built a database of thousands of books recommended by the world's top entrepreneurs, investors, and thinkers.
    The site is pulling 24/7 data from hundreds of online sources, automatically adding new books every day.
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  • bookmarq

    Book suggestions from your friends and influencers
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  • RecSpot

    RecSpot is a social app that makes sharing what you love with your friends easy and fun. RecSpot is a new, go-to destination for exchanging, discovering, and watching your favorite movies and television shows. All recommended by people you know and trust.
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  • Marketing Next Read Advisor

    Free options
    A quick and effective way to know what to read next.
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  • Chapter

    Chapter helps you discover new books on your phone. Its recommendation engine combines data from all of the worlds major publishers and bookstores to help you discover your next book.
    Just swipe and find your next read. It feels just like browsing a bookstore!
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  • NextBook

    NextBook is an Android app that provides you all kinds of books based on your picked genres.
    The books are displayed in a simple UI with details like; name, image and short description of the book, Amazon rating and Amazon link to purchase the book too.
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  • Suite Books

    Suite Books exists to help more people read great books. We allow you to store all the books you've read, the ones you want to read - and share these with your friends and followers. Support your friends' reading, and connect when you've read the same book!
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