Alternative products to Klear for iOS

9 alternative and related products to Klear for iOS

Klear for iOS

Insights to help you improve your Twitter strategy

9 Alternatives to Klear for iOS

A beautiful UI that provides you detailed twitter analytics.

burrrd. is a free tool for everyone, which allows you to analyze Twitter accounts. Just enter a Twitter @handle and click the button, burrrd. will do the rest. Analytics and insights (like common words, hashtags & more) into any public account will be presented to you with a beautiful design after a few seconds. oAuth allows a more detailed result.

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Uncover what’s making 1 billion people pay attention

Currents shows the collective interests of over 1 billion people each month by connecting audience attention data to the content of online articles.

📈See what stories are trending today

👀Compare attention across topics

🌎Identify what resonates in different regions

🤓Understand how people find content

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Stories about immigration received attention from 200,000 people per hour last week.
It's been about six years since I launched my first podcast. It's been about five since the dust started to settle on my microphones and mixing board. Anyone who has ever launched a podcast can tell you it's harder than it sounds.
Thanks for subscribing to Media Trends. Tell friends to follow along by signing up here. We launched this newsletter one year ago today. 🇺🇸 Media Trends will be off next week for the July Fourth holiday.
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A free tool to run a quick audit of your Instagram ✅

Are you wondering how well optimized your Instagram account is?

Run a quick audit using our new tool. Sign in with Instagram and we'll send you a free performance review.

So far our tool analyzes and provides tips on 20+ metrics. It's a V1 and we count on your feedback to improve it!

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Iconosquare Blog
Running an Instagram audit is the first step to take in order to build a successful Instagram strategy. Read this article to learn how to run an audit yourself - OR, check out an Instant Instagram Audit Tool to do the work for you.
4 Alternatives to Instant Instagram Audit

Explore live social media competitive benchmarks by industry

Get a free social media competitive report by industry. Understand where you stand versus your competitors on social media.

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Socialinsider Blog
In this article, I'm going to share with you a step-by-step guide on how to create a social media competitive analysis and a template that will make easier to create benchmarks for your industry - free to download, no email required.
5 Alternatives to Social media benchmarks by Socialinsider

Auto-amplify your business and Tweets with a subscription

Promote Mode is an always-on, amplification engine. It automatically promotes your Tweets and profile, steadily attracting more followers and additional reach for a flat fee of $99 per month. There’s no ad campaign management necessary. People using Promote Mode just Tweet as they normally do -- publishing updates for their audience.

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Today, we're excited to launch a public beta version of Promote Mode, Twitter's first subscription ads product. We know that budding businesses and individuals with personal brands want to grow their presence on Twitter, but this can be hard - especially for those who are new to Twitter.
The Drum
Twitter is looking to simplify the way advertisers interact with its platform by rolling out a self-serve advertising subscription tool, Promote Mode, which gives advertisers the chance to automate their promoted tweets by paying a monthly subscription fee.
Twitter unveiled in its Q3 earnings report that it had been testing a new, self-serve advertising subscription aimed at small businesses. That service, known as Twitter Promote Mode, is officially launching today with the goal of letting small businesses and personal brands more easily run ad campaigns on Twitter's platform by automating them, for the price … See more
Marketing Land
With a lot of unsold inventory and not enough advertisers to buy it, Twitter is trying to address its demand dilemma. Over the summer, Twitter began testing a subscription-based ad-buying program through which brands could opt to pay Twitter $99 a month and have the company promote their accounts and tweets for them.
Promote Mode is primarily a mobile feature users can readily access through the Twitter app's menu drawer. It's where they can see all the numbers that matter, including how many followers they've gained and the number of people who saw their tweets and visited their profiles.
Twitter has rolled out a subscription ad service that charges $99 a month for to automatically promote tweets to bigger audiences. Called "Promote Mode," it gives subscribers up to 10 promoted tweets a day. It's designed for small businesses and brands that don't want the hassle of managing sophisticated ad campaigns.
Twitter announced during its third-quarter-2017 earnings report that it was testing a self-serve advertising subscription offering, and that offering is launching Wednesday. Director of product management Wook Chung announced in a blog post that the social network is launching a public beta version of Promote Mode, Twitter's first subscription ad product.
A list of the new kids on the block: Danica Roem became the first openly transgender woman elected to a state legislature seat, in Virginia's 13th district. She ousted the Republican incumbent who co-sponsored the "bathroom bill" that requires individuals to use public restrooms that correspond to their assigned gender at birth.
Business Insider
Twitter has rolled out a subscription ads product that helps small brands automatically grow their follower base and amplifies their tweets to reach more people Promote Mode is available for a flat fee of $99 a month But it may not be the bets short-term strategy, as Snap's dilution of ad prices in its third quarter showed.
The Next Web
Over the past few months, Twitter has been quietly experimenting with a service that lets users promote itself for a flat fee of $99 per month, called Twitter Promote Mode. If you're a brand new to Twitter, or an aspiring influencer (gag), this will let help you build an audience - at least, in theory.
6 Alternatives to Twitter Promote Mode

The visualization for better social media insights

Benchmark instantly reveals how you’re actually performing and why.

It analyzes social data - including your brands, products, influencers, sentiment, or even audience demographics - and compares an instant historical average.

Plus, you can benchmark that data against your competitors to truly measure performance.

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Let's say your brand is mentioned online 500 times in a week. Is that good? There's no way of knowing, because it's not an insight. You need to benchmark that number against the past, against competitors, and against dozens of other metrics. That used to take hours.
10 Alternatives to Benchmark from Brandwatch

Analytics for understanding audience attention

Make every content and distribution decision data-informed with comprehensive and easy-to-understand analytics. gives you the power to answer the toughest questions about your audience and reach your business goals.

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VentureBeat, an analytics platform aimed at online publishers, has closed a $6.8 million series B round of funding led by existing investors Grotech Ventures and Blumberg Capital, with participation from Felton Group, FundersClub, and DreamIt, among other angel investors. The New York-based company also said that it had recently achieved profitability for the f… See more
TL; DR: Information overload is real. Big data is powerful, but to properly leverage it, users must transform overwhelming hordes of online information into actionable insights. Enter The company's online analytics suite is like a magic wand, simplifying the process through an easy-to-use dashboard, content-based API, and proven analytics infrastru… See more
Time Inc. knows that producing magazine content requires data - like seeing how many issues sell based on the cover story. But digital allows for an additional level of analysis the magazine-native publisher hadn't fully embraced. Which is why Time Inc. pruned down its more than five dozen analytics tools and focused on just a...
7 Alternatives to Analytics
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