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4 alternative and related products to Kickdrop

Beautifully crafted code snippets
4 Alternatives to Kickdrop

Manage Code Snippets and Protect Sensitive Data!

DECS - The All-In-One Workspace To Manage Code Snippets and Protect Sensitive Data.

Store, secure and tightly control access to proprietary snippets, tokens, configurations, certificates, and other sensitive data all in one workspace.

- End-to-end encryption

- Decentralised storage

- Reliability

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Happy New Year Everyone! It's been over a month since we have launched DECS and little over three months since we started working on it. Before we explain what it is, why we developed DECS and how it is going to make the software development and maintenance experience more efficient and secure, here is a little introduction to the importance of software deve… See more
Decentralized Encrypted Code Snippets Manager It's one of the best products ever for coders. It's a DAPP built on Blockstack API and everything is end to end encrypted with SHA-256 which is used by Bitcoin. You can store your data any data hub you want and share keys among those who you and to give access to.
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We all crawl the web in search of code. How many times have we painfully repeated steps to land on that same piece of code again? With DECS browser extension, using single-click, capture the code snippets on the go and store them for future use 👨‍💻👩‍💻

Chandu- maker & technology enthusiast
Because I built it ;) Honestly it saves a lot of developer's time by enabling one-click copy from any website (yes even from StackOverflow) Data is end-to-end encrypted so we can store sensitive data as well. Give it a try to believe it.
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I Love Free Software
DECS is a free decentralized code snippet manager with tags, sharing, embed code. In this code snippet manager, you can create unlimited public and private code snippets and manage them. It allows you to add tags to the different snippets that you create there is a built-in search as well to search a specific snippet.
DECSは Blockstack ...
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Today's Daily Digest was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at Blockstack. Another day, another Facebook security breach headline. Yesterday, it was that Facebook inadvertently stored hundreds of millions user passwords in plain text, searchable by employees. 😳 Luckily, decentralized apps exist to make the world a little (a lot) more secur… See more
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Code freeze management for your repositories

Often in companies code freeze windows are communicated via chat, email or other means. Frozonic allows teams to configure code freeze checks in pull requests so that it is explicit, well communicated and visible for every team member.

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The DEV Community
In the last few days we've been getting feedback around how code freezing sort of flows in the opposite direction of Continuous Integration, which is not false, it does break it in a sense. But we also believe that for certain situations it is desired to stop merging code into production, here are a few examples: When young products are being demoed in event… See more
The Practical Dev
Frozonic May 2 ・2 min readStartups in general tend to grow and scale pretty fast. When the business has a pretty great market niche, everything is even faster. All of this growth entails showcasing products, pitching the business ideas to potential investors and even making live demos.
The Practical Dev
Frozonic Apr 29 ・1 min readFrozonic is a tool development teams use to communicate code freeze windows and avoid undesired product behavior changes. It is a common practice across companies to let people know via Slack or email that there is a code freeze window happening and that merging code to production is not allowed.
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