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Keyword Tool & Content Assistant

Content optimization tool to boost your rankings

11 alternative and related products to Keyword Tool & Content Assistant

Keywords Everywhere

Free browser add-on for keyword volume, CPC & competition

Brandon Monroe- Head of Digital Marketing, Dawgtown
Must-have tool for SEOs and Content Marketers.
Business Marketing Online (BMON): Google AdWords Management
A new addition to my useful tools set is "Keywords Everywhere". This neat Chrome and Firefox browser extension will instantly show you the search volume and AdWords cost for a particular search, right by the search itself. Something like this: If you're testing out some quick ideas, and want the official Google data, it can be a real time-saver.
4 Alternatives to Keywords Everywhere

Topic Research by SEMrush

Content ideas that resonate with your audience

Topic Research helps content marketers discover the most popular content on the web and find the best ideas for future content. The tool reveals hundreds of headlines that will resonate with audience most. On top of that, you’ll get a list of most frequently asked questions to make sure your content addresses your audience’s biggest pain points.

The Social Media Hat
What will your next blog post be about? Do you know what your audience is actually interested in? Addressing these questions is what sets the successful blogger apart. She's done her homework and understands who her audience is and what they want to learn about.
Search Engine Journal
The number one challenge that marketers had in 2017 was generating enough traffic and leads. This probably won't come as a surprise to anyone who has ever worked on the agency side, or for a boss that gave them goals, or as a business owner who wants to buy their lunch ...
7 Alternatives to Topic Research by SEMrush


Data-driven content suite to grow your social accounts 📈

ContentStudio is the easiest way to boost your presence on social media by tapping into the trends and sharing engaging content with your audience.

It is a complete social media marketing suite with discovery, planner, insights, scheduler and automation tools to save your time and increase productivity in your content marketing efforts.

Explore the software, services, and tools that Contentstudio uses in their stack, including products for Marketing, Sales and BD, Customer Support and Success, and Developer.
2 Alternatives to ContentStudio


Your automated marketing assistant

Somiibo is a premium Social Media Bot and growth service. You no longer need to waste your time marketing on social media. Somiibo is your personal social media assistant that follows, likes, reposts, and comments on content for you!

Post What is Somiibo? What does it mean? Who is it for, and why should you care? Every Friday we will discuss Somiibo's development and learn more about the inner workings of this massive project. In its early days of development, Somiibo was originally designed to be purely an automation platform for SoundCloud.
9 Alternatives to Somiibo


An (artificially) intelligent assistant for your workplace

Improve customer experience by delivering information when and where your team needs it.

- Improved Customer Satisfaction and Sales Velocity

Zuzu reduces time it takes to respond to customers by upto 65 percent, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and sales velocity.

Have you ever been confused about which version of a product spec to use? Or spent longer than you'd like to admit searching around for the most frequently asked queries about your product? Zuzu turns your customer queries into Internal Knowledge-bases so that you can keep important information at your fingerprints.
12 Alternatives to Zuzu

VASTCLICKS allows you to use that breaking news story, how-to article or review post & shorten it into a custom link to share. Choose from our optimised overlay ads & place a branded CTA on the article, promoting your offer. Also, add your preferred retargeting pixels & remarket to those who click your links across various social platforms.

7 Alternatives to VASTCLICKS - Attract, Convert And Retain More Customers

What is your growth hacking stack?

Peter ChuiA growth-hacker at heart
GrowthHackers Projects - Growth collaboration software for teams 📈
"Projects is purpose-built software for an agile approach to growth. Its collaborative features keep your team on the same page as you accel… See more
Keyword Tool & Content Assistant - Content optimization tool to boost your rankings
"It is the fastest way to boost your Google rankings. Last year, we realized that the competition in Google was made up of mega-brands like… See more
Seomator - Check SEO issues and get the results in a white-label report
"Seomator is a great tool for SEO Audits with a list of issues/suggestions to fix on your site."

What are the best free SEO tools?

Martin Meany
ahrefs - Count and analyze backlinks to a domain
"If inclined towards knowing more about competition, then Ahrefs. It's data-driven (much more than SEO) - they crawl 6 billion pages every d… See more

What is the best app for SEO?

Keyword Tool & Content Assistant - Content optimization tool to boost your rankings
"It is the fastest way to boost your Google rankings. Last year, we realized that the competition in Google was made up of mega-brands like… See more
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