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2 alternative and related products to Keyboardio Model 01

Keyboardio Model 01

An heirloom-grade keyboard for serious typists (Kickstarter)

2 Alternatives to Keyboardio Model 01

A hardcore mechanical keyboard that splits in half

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard is a fully programmable, impeccably built, open source, split mechanical keyboard designed for extreme productivity and ergonomics.

✅ Increase your productivity.

✅ Improve your posture.

✅ Remap your keys in any way you want.

✅ Extend the UHK with add-on modules.

✅ Experience how a keyboard can be different, yet familiar.

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Despite its terrible name, a new product called the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard might be the new favorite tool by retouchers everywhere. Using a unique and interesting modular design, this keyboard allows you to essentially split it in half, giving you the option to add various modular keys to program to your needs.
Digital Trends
While a diverse catalog of mechanical keyboards has arisen lately for gaming, there's been a notable shortage of keyboards that reinvent the concept for people who spend more time working than playing. That's where the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard plans to come in.
CNET Japan
PCで文章を大量に入力する必要のある人は、当然キーボードに対するこだわりが強い。筆者の場合、ホームポジションから手を離さないで済むトラックポイント付きコンパクトキーボードを好むが、トラックボールを愛用したり、特殊な形のエルゴノミクス型を選んだりする人もいる。そのため、あらゆる希望をかなえるキーボードを作ることは不可能だ。 ...
Not only is this keyboard repairable-it's got repair instructions actually printed on the circuit board. Designing a product for repair means making it durable, making it modular, and making repair documentation available from the get-go. The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard does all that and more.
These days, there's a lot of focus on input options for tablets and smartphones, but there's still an awful lot of typing happening on PCs. In fact, it's the tool most professionals turn to when people need to do there most intensive data entry.
The Tech Report
10:46 AM on February 11, 2015 Craving a mechanical keyboard with a split layout? The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard might be just the thing. This mini mechanical offering arranges Cherry MX switches on two halves of a steel endoskeleton. Metal guides and neodymium magnets hold the two pieces together when the keyboard is joined, while a cable completes the connec… See more
For all the input methods available, the humble keyboard remains central to most computer usage. Over time different designs have tried to perfect the mechanics, improve comfort and even project the keys. The new Ultimate Hacking Keyboard targets configurability, ergonomics and build quality.
Split ergonomic keyboards are considered a more comfortable typing experience for those who spend a lot of time mashing the keys, but mechanical switches are popular with heavy typists as well. There are a few keyboards that combine these features, but the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard takes ergonomics to the extreme.
Building a specialised keyboard for coders was the aim of Hungarian startup Ultimate Gadget Laboratories. While some people don't care much about their keyboard as long as all the letters are in the right place, coders on the other hand, need powerful and functional keyboards.
NBC News
Coders and other power users need their keyboards to be as powerful and functional as possible - and this one hopes to meet that need.
Laszlo Monda, the founder and lead developer of the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard project, says he focused on making the device portable when it's in one piece. In a brief hands on time with a prototype unit, it didn't feel as heavy as most mechanical keyboards, and it's also compact enough to fit into most bags.
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