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8 alternative and related products to Keeper

iOS app for freelancers to track project's time and pricing.
8 Alternatives to Keeper

Track, analyze, and manage time more effectively

FUTURAMO Time Tracker is a time tracking, work management and productivity app for freelancers and businesses to track, analyze and manage work time more effectively.

Magda Werminska
Magda Werminska- Working @ HCM Deck
Futuramo Time Tracker is a time tracking and productivity app that works great for both individuals and larger teams. It offers fine statistics to help you analyze and monitor your work habits. Some key features: real-time filters, search box, sorting, trackers and manual time recording, offline tracking, overview board, custom timesheet view, and more. Also… See more
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Futuramo offers next-generation tools, which are visual oriented to provide a faster context in workflows and save lots of time compared to other existing solutions. We are building Futuramo to help teams  move their entire projects to the digital workspace.
29 Alternatives to Futuramo Time Tracker

User-friendly timetracker for freelancers and teams

TMetric is a time tracker which captures time you spent on any task or project and calculates how much money you earned working with a client according to your rates. Has a detailed time and money reports which give you a quick overview of your business.

Katya Sklyarova
Katya Sklyarova- Marketing Manager
TMetric is a work time tracking service for IT-professionals and companies. Start in one minute, setup later. Track tasks from multiple project management systems with one click. Categorize time, create reports, and monitor your team online.
Denis Yanov
Denis Yanov- Nature lover
Trello and Asana +TMetric = my best choice of productive work.
Katya Sklyarova
Katya Sklyarova- Marketing Manager
I like this app, it's easy to use and has all the necessary functions for project management and a wide range of useful features for time-tracking.
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People who track time spent working often do so because they need to create invoices for clients and get paid. Others track their time to have an accounting of how long different tasks take or to make sure that a flat-rate project doesn't cost more money to complete than...
The latest release of TMetric delivers a new mobile app for iOS and desktop apps for macOS and Linux. The current release also includes a number of new features that will make your time tracking and invoicing process much easier.
Managing your own company shouldn't be that hard when you can have apps that can make your life easier. From a time tracking app to a cloud data integration software, these tools will help you run your business smoothly and efficiently without spending a cent. Here's a list of free apps every entrepreneur should have.
TMetric is a free time tracking web-application. It allows you to track time you and your team spend on various activities in different systems. YouTrack can be one of these tools. To enable an integration, you need to install a browser extension only. How is it different from time tracking in YouTrack?
8 Alternatives to TMetric

Metrics & automatic time tracking for programmers

Fred Rivett
Fred Rivett- Co-founder @ The Dot
WakaTime is a zero effort plugin that integrates with your editor of choice. Simply set it up, then once a week you'll get a roundup of which projects you spent the most time on, what languages, editors and operating systems. You can also see graphs of these over time in the dashboard. There's also a premium plan.
Alan Hamlett
Alan Hamlett- Founder of WakaTime
It's fully automatic, and integrates with over 40 text editors and IDEs.
2 Alternatives to WakaTime

Time tracker integrated with Slack

In the world of increasing complexity, simple means useful. With Tracky, you no longer need to distract yourself with a separate app or website to toggle timers; Tracky allows you to do it straight from Slack, which you probably use all the time anyway.

2 Alternatives to Tracky

Automatic time tracking for your Mac

Daniel Alm
Daniel Alm
If you are serious about improving your productivity, you need to measure it first. That's why my app Timing automatically tracks how you spend time on your Mac. That way, you can later see how much time you spent procrastinating, e.g. on Facebook. By the way, I'm currently working on a brand-new version (with e.g. a productivity score), launching next mont… See more
Josh Miller
Josh Miller- UX & brand consultant.
Unless you like the idea of constantly having to turn timers on & off (maybe as a way to stay focused?) or trying to remember everything you've done at the end of the day and painstakingly enter it into a timesheet, Timing is an amazing way to track what you've been working on. Highly recommended.
Ruurd Pels
Ruurd Pels
It's not cheap but a really good tool to get insight in where you spend your time. The app activity is a good reminder of what you were actually doing. I developed a habit of reviewing a couple of times a day.
2 Alternatives to Timing
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