Alternative products to Kayako

5 alternative and related products to Kayako


Unified customer service platform

Kayako is effortless customer service software that helps teams be more productive and build customer loyalty.

Zoho Desk

Context-aware help desk software for better customer service

Chinmayee Mishra
Chinmayee Mishra- Community Specialist @ Zoho
Hey Gian, I think Zoho Desk would fit your needs and here’s why: Multi-channel: Zoho Desk lets you manage customer conversations on a single screen, whether they came in from email, phone, social media, or your website. Automation: It can assign tickets to agents based on their availability or some specific conditions. After that, it looks at the contex… See more
Ramon- Startup Enthusiast
Simple yet powerful
Ben Carew
Ben Carew- Growth marketer
We're using Zoho Desk and find it intuitive and easy to use. It obviously helps if you also use Zoho CRM and their web chat widget SalesIQ
The inspiration to build Zoho Desk came from within. At Zoho, we deal with over 25 million users and their tickets often required collaboration between people from sales, marketing and engineering - all separated by distance - different buildings, cities or even continents.
5 Alternatives to Zoho Desk


Software for better customer service.

Naya Moss
Naya Moss- Founder of Culturefiy and Frauvis
Zendesk is really great but very expensive. For small startups or small, it teams it may be overpriced. But otherwise has one of the best automation, workflows, and integrations. I do have to say, this is where price comes into effect. The onboarding, documentation, training videos are honestly the best in class. If you plan to use Zendesk for a non-technic… See more
Kristian Kabuay
Kristian Kabuay- Artist @
Easy to use
Michael Deng
Michael Deng- Software Developer
Zendesk is one of the industry stalwarts for this kind of stuff. It's a great product for direct customer interaction, support and feedback. It's scales really well and it has SSO.
14 Alternatives to Zendesk

CIF Analytics Cloud (for Zendesk)

AI for support tickets that shows you what's relevant & why

Finally an app that automatically reads & understands what's relevant in your support tickets *and* shows you why! Get insights into problems that keep CX managers up at night like churn (why customers leave), who are high-risk accounts, and more! Automatic analysis (no tags/setup)! Reports anyone can read (no data science). Results in seconds.

What happens when you give customer experience data to an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that can read, learn, and understand what's relevant & why? Customer insight magic. Every day, organizations generate a gold mine of operational and strategic insights in their service desk. These insights are often unused because of limited tools, high cost and tim… See more
Over thirty years ago, I started my research in Artificial Intelligence with a research paper on Fact Based Expert System that I published in IEEE Symposium in 1985. My goal then was to use symbolic logic to build a system that can learn and understand natural language.
6 Alternatives to CIF Analytics Cloud (for Zendesk)
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