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Kanye's verses, rants, and best quotes in Messenger
16 Alternatives to KanyeBot

Create your own 'ye' album cover.

yeNerator lets you create your own album art based on Kanye West's brand new album 🔥

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According to Kim Kardashian, the album cover art for 'Ye' was taken by Kanye West himself through his iPhone on the way to the listening party in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Users can modify the album's text
After Kanye West released his highly-anticipated album yesterday, the artwork accompanying the album quickly started to draw attention as well. Kim Kardashian candidly revealed on Twitter that the image of the picturesque mountains in Wyoming was simply shot by Kanye on an iPhone right before the listening party.
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Get a random Elon quote

We love Elon Musk. We created a Random Elon Musk Quote Generator for you to share his wisdom and funny quotes.

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Peter Thaleikis
Sometimes all the planning and thinking about a project is too much. You just got to jump in and build something. That's what Jess and I did last night. We spontaneously decided to roll out a random, unplanned side-project: Random Elon. Random Elon returns you a randomly selected Elon Musk quote.
Jess Wallace
Yesterday Peter Thaleikis and I decided to bring an idea to life in under an hour. We've talked about working on something for a while, but decided we'd hack away at a fun little project together - something simple and quick. We decided to build a Elon Musk Random Quote Generator.
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Boost productivity with bite sized wisdom in your MacMenuBar

WisdomBarOSX is a Mac Menu-Bar app which shows you wisdom quotes on Entrepreneurship and Life from people who i look upto like Naval Ravikant, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban etc. WisdomBarOSX was born so as to make us all feel inspired and motivated to do epic shit !

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Send Cardi B quotes anonymously

Cardi B has given us an extensive library of quotes over the past years.
Some funny and some even thought provoking like:
"Don't look up to anybody that is doing great in life, because you don't know their story."

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