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25 alternative and related products to KanbanMail

A Kanban board for your emails! ✨💌

A Kanban board is designed to turn a confusing list into a clear action plan by visualizing it in columns. And what's the most confusing and daunting list there is? Your inbox of course! This is exactly why I made KanbanMail. It's really helped me tackle my email, hopefully it will help you too!

You can watch the video to see how it works.

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25 Alternatives to KanbanMail

Sortd is the world's first Productivity Suite for Gmail. Unlike Asana,, Trello or Tables by Google, who primarily focus on Internal collaboration, Sortd is capable of managing both Internal & External collaboration with deep email integration.

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Jane Shafer 😋
This product is next level! Think of meets Gmail or Tables by Google + email collaboration.
Being that me and my team live in Gmail, we chose Sortd. The best decision we have made in a while.
Uber cool tool to transform Gmail to Trello style lists
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I've tried dozens of solutions to clean up my inbox, and so far, the Sortd Chrome extension comes closest to helping me use and organize email the way I work. Sortd transforms Gmail into a drag-and-drop workspace with columns of customizable lists. It's like life-organizing webapp Trello, but for email.
30 Alternatives to Sortd for Gmail

Drag Pro superpowers your inbox. It transforms your Gmail into organized To Do lists like Trello, in Gmail. With Drag Pro, you can also organize tasks, sales, marketing, projects and more, all inside your Inbox. It makes the day spent in your inbox sooooo much easier. Mashable, Lifehacker, Google, and over 30,000+ daily active users agree too :)

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Nick Timms
You should try Drag - it's a shared inbox. It will allow you to share boards, in Kanban, still in Gmail :)
Nick Timms
Everything Inbox all from inside Gmail
Nick Timms
Hey Marco, Drag is NOT the best productivity tool for managers. But is the best to organize your emails when in comes to product manager tasks. Check it out, it's a super-useful tool that works well with some in this list!
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Setting meetings, checking new promos, receiving reminders, talking business and amenities... Nowadays we all seem to have tons of responsibilities in our hands. And most of them come as messages straight into our inboxes. The result? Well, if you're not organized enough: chaos. And let's be honest, it's not that hard to get messy, just ...
for The Muse Are Gmail and Chrome your go-to tools? If you responded with an enthusiastic "yes," then I'm about to make your life a whole lot easier. I've scrounged up some of the best Chrome extensions to make getting through email easier, faster, and even more fun!
Kanban, a popular project management method, is one of the best ways to get a bird's-eye view of all your tasks and notes. With cards laid out visually in lists on a board, you can organize every detail of a project (or multiple projects) in an intuitive, drag-and-drop workflow...
12 Alternatives to Drag Pro

What is Flow-e?

Flow-e is a visualization layer on top of your Gmail or Outlook inbox. It provides an elegant Kanban-like workflow that's combined with the ideas behind Inbox Zero and GTD. Flow-e eliminates the need for external task management tools and transforms your inbox into a central To-Do app.

Full video -

Mila Chervenkova💪
You may want to check out Flow-e. Last week we introduced our first version of our Projects feature. And we are just starting with that feature. Cheers, Mila
Mila Chervenkova💪
You can definitely try out Flow-e, it is а beautiful tool with simple and clean UI. Probably the only drawback is that (currently!) it is not entirely built for team collaboration (for example no shared boards). But if each team member has a Flow-e account, you can use the delegation feature efficiently. I would be happy to help with further information… See more
Mila Chervenkova💪
Flow-e is definitely a good fit. It gives you a Kanban-style board (To-do, In progress, Done) and there is a timeline view at the bottom of your workflow. :)
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Функциональный сервис позволяет размещать письма из Gmail и Office 365 на досках в стиле Trello. В FLOW-e каждое сообщение в вашем почтовом ящике - это потенциальная задача. Вы можете перетаскивать письма на разные доски и таким образом отслеживать выполнение дел. Можно ставить метки на задачи, чтобы не запутаться в их бесконечном потоке.
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How did you get the idea to build FLOW-e? Late last year, while the Kanbanize team was going through a period of growth with our first product ( check it out here), our CEO, Dimitar Karaivanov noticed that every task chronicled on our visual team Kanban boards was being tracked while actionable e-mail communication was often slipping through the cracks.
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Das Tool Flow-e überträgt das Konzept von Kanban-Boards auf euer E-Mail-Postfach. Wir haben uns angeschaut, wie das funktioniert. Mitte der 1980er Jahre wurde die erste E-Mail in Deutschland empfangen. Seitdem hat sich die Welt stark verändert, E-Mails funktionieren aus Nutzersicht aber im Grunde noch so wie vor über 30 Jahren.
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Flow-e es una aplicación que permite transformar Outlook o Gmail, en un tablero visual de tareas, sin necesidad de instalar nada. La dinámica que propone es conocida, ya que hay varias propuestas similares, que ayudan a convertir nuestra bandeja de entrada en una especie de Trello.
7 Alternatives to Flow-e 2.0
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