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14 alternative and related products to Kanbanier


Clean iOS and Mac kanban/trello with flexible views

Kanbanier is a clean, flexible iOS + macOS kanban/trello system. Create hierarchies, show columns of cards within workflow columns.

You own your data, Kanbanier runs only on your devices and those you share with.

Free to use - powerful export and view customizations with purchase.

14 Alternatives to Kanbanier

Organize anything, together

Trello is a web-based project management application with a beautiful card-based UI.

Shamit Khemka
Shamit Khemka- M.D. - SynapseIndia
Top features of the app include: free for the basic service. easy organization with tags, labels and categories. drag and drop functionality. in-line editing. checklists, with progress meter.
Irina- Communication Specialist at CopyTrans
We use a separate trello board for meetings, since we are already using trello for different projects. It wouldn't make sense to add yet another tool specifically for meetings, trello has all the critical features we need. I like that trello offers you flexibility in setting up the structure – you can create your own workflow, for example have columns for M… See more
Nick Stone
Nick Stone- Digital Content Manager
I moved over to Trello about a year ago and every day I do something new with it that blows my mind would highly recommend at least taking a look
78 Alternatives to Trello

Radically transparent project & team management app.

Plan sprints, manage workload and track their progress visually.

Farzad Ban
Farzad Ban- Founder & CEO @3drops, @onroadmap
You can visually track your team's true progress at just a glance. Instead of counting the number of completed tasks, Roadmap focuses on how much closer your team got to their next milestones. Give it a try and let me what you think.
6 Alternatives to Roadmap v.1.0

Visualize your project plan so you can hit your deadlines.

Asana Timeline allows you to create project plans that help you stay on schedule—so you hit your deadlines.

Gil Akos
Gil Akos- Co-founder, CEO at Astra
This is a pretty straightforward gantt chart feature. Easy to drag dependencies and adjust dates. Even better if you are already using Asana for task management.
22 Alternatives to Asana Timeline

Unify your productivity apps into one desktop app

Veamly centralizes all your work in one place, bringing all your collaboration apps in one desktop app and all your conversations in a main feed with a unified search.

Around the web
Veamly - Automatically Prioritize and label Your Support Messages
You just went out of the office and you receive a call from a friend inviting you to his party later that night but you apologize: "I wish I could come but I am working tomorrow. Who throws a party on a Thursday night?" "Oh haven't you heard the news?
Veamly - Automatically Prioritize and label Your Support Messages
Situation: Bob and Alex are best friends. They both work at a big company; same position same hours and same salary. Yet Bob is always busy and miserable unlike Alex who is always chill and happy. Why? What happened? The answer is crystal clear: Bob is a busy person.
5 Alternatives to Veamly

Manage your whole company workflows from one screen

Kaiten is the visual tool, which helps you to see all you work processes on one space, identify bottlenecks, problems, relationships and find ways to optimize your work processes, improve collaboration and whole company effectiveness.

Kaiten is based on Kanban method, but support any agile or non-agile workflow.

Powerful charts are included!

Dmitry Abramov
Dmitry Abramov- Chief Product Officer, Kaiten
To manage your work, since you have more than one type of work (marketing and coding, for example)
Around the web
Kaiten is a Kanban-based online visual management system. It is simple to use like other visual applications. However, it has tools and features to handle more complex views of processes and flows. It is easier to manage a small team than a big one, but growth is an essential phase in and a desired objective by all businesses.
Author of todays' story is Andrey Arefiev, Agile coach of Dodo Pizza. Dodo Pizza is an IT-driven retail company that has set an ambitious goal: to build a global pizza chain based on unorthodox management practices and the principle of unprecedented transparency.
4 Alternatives to Kaiten

Simple all-in-one to-do list app for tasks and projects.

Tidily is a simple task manager that

1. Lets you manage your project boards.

2. Helps you plan your day, week, month.

3. Keeps you accountable with it's task backlog.

4. Lets you capture quick thoughts in inbox.

5. Offers a super fast experience with offline support.

Around the web
You've probably heard of Trello, Asana, Todoist, Wunderlist, Google Keep, Marvin ... the list goes on. Over the years I've tried them all, some more than once, and many times thought that I'd found the one, only to part company a few weeks or months later - most often because my regular usage had ceased and I reverted to good old fashioned paper.
As a freelance developer, my todo list is my boss, that's the only thing keeping me accountable. So naturally I use them heavily and there is certainly no shortage of different awesome task manager apps out there. But I never used only one app for all my tasks and projects.
5 Alternatives to 2.0

Where bots and humans work together in harmony. 🤖

WorkonFlow is a platform which combines all the ways you communicate with your team and customers in a single interface. Plan your projects and processes with Kanban board, automate your work with bots, and organize your team.

Around the web
In my last post, I wrote about how we created a name for our product. In this article, I want to focus on why we created Workonflow and what it can do.
In recent years we've seen the market flooded with products - typically featuring a kanban board with sophisticated, minimalist design - all promising to dramatically increase productivity. The attractive packaging and airtight marketing campaigns belie the fact that they all offer essentially the same mediocre solution.
5 Alternatives to WorkonFlow

A decentralized Kanban board built on Blockstack

Kanstack is a decentralized Kanban board built on Blockstack. Offline friendly, with client-side encryption.

Around the web
The Stack Cafe™
Welcome to the Stack CafeTM - Blockstack: A New dApp - Kanstack kanban boards. We just heard about a new decentralized application, a kanban board. Today, we will try and provide a brief overview of the new application. When updates are pushed out, we will try and provide new posts as appropriate.
8 Alternatives to Kanstack

A team collaboration app for keeping track of important data

The perfect solution for your organization

Organizing your business, event or team members has never been easier. KANBANSI will easily adapt to your needs, keep track of important data and keep your coworkers synchronized.

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Developed by BAD SISTEMS LLC, after encountering challenges in their track management and production process, KANBANSI is a multi-purpose software for all organizations, so long they follow a process in their activities. The application is suitable for all organizations because it has varying functions that should cut across any organization.
Ukoliko svaki dan provodite mnogo vremena organizujući saradnike i poslovne aktivnosti, KANBANSI je rešenje za vas. Kreirao ga je BAD SISTEMS, kao višenamensko rešenje za različite tipove organizacije, ali nije važno šta je KANBANSI za nas i kako je nastao, važno je šta KANBANSI može biti za vas i kako ćete ga koristiti.
Niške Vesti
Preduzeće BAD SISTEMS d.o.o. iz Niša je nedavno razvilo KANBANSI web aplikaciju, sa ciljem da predstave razvoj projekata ili ideje na jednostavan i pregledan način, došli su na ideju da kreiraju aplikaciju koja će povezati interese menadžmenta i potrebe radnika, tako da informacije budu dostupne svima, na različitim mestima i različitim uređajima.
KANBANSI - Perfect solution for your needs
5 Alternatives to KANBANSI
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