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13 alternative and related products to Jumbo

Your privacy assistant, by Sunrise co-founder
A single app for all your privacy needs.
Jumbo lets you clean your personal data – across all social media apps and internet services – from one app. It's simple and efficient.
13 Alternatives to Jumbo

Privacy, simplified. Available on all major platforms.

DuckDuckGo’s fully revamped browser extension and mobile app now offers built-in tracker network blocking, smarter encryption, and private search in one package – all designed to operate seamlessly as you search and browse the web. The updated app and extension are available across all major platforms – Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iOS, and Android.

sasmita pati
sasmita pati- I am a digital marketer & HR
Its the best alternative as it keeps your information private. And shows information same like Google.
Adam Cochran
Adam Cochran- Growth@DuckDuckGo, Amateur maker
Fast privacy focused mobile browser for Android and iOS.
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It's seeing demand grow amid criticism of the data-collection dominance of Google and Facebook
Some major product news from veteran anti-tracking search engine DuckDuckGo: Today it's launched revamped mobile apps and browser extensions that bake in a tracker blocker for third party sites, and include a suite of other privacy features intended to help users keep surfing privately as they navigate around the web.
Fast Company
The Philadelphia-area company promises that it won't sell, or even store, its users' search histories or other private information. While the service is supported by ads, they're linked only to the keywords in individual searches, not to prior searches on the site or behavior elsewhere on the web.
The Verge
DuckDuckGo is launching updated versions of its browser extension and mobile app, with the promise of keeping internet users safe from snooping "beyond the search box." The company's flagship product, its privacy-focused search engine, will remain the same, but the revamped extension and app will offer new tools to help users keep their web-browsing as safe … See more
22 Alternatives to DuckDuckGo Privacy App & Extension

We open 100 tabs to make trackers think you're someone else

Track This by Firefox is a new kind of incognito. Feel like ads on the internet know you too well? It's because they do. Let us open 100 tabs of pure madness to fool trackers into thinking you're someone else.

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The Firefox Frontier
If it feels like the ads chasing you across the internet know you a little too well, it's because they do (unless you're an avid user of ad blockers, in which case this is not for you).
It's no secret that Mozilla sees privacy as a differentiating feature for its revitalized Firefox browser. Today, the Firefox team is launching one of its broadest sets of releases that aim to keep advertisers and others from following you across the web, while also making it harder for Faceb...
"We believe that in order to truly protect people, we need to establish a new standard that puts people's privacy first," wrote Firefox Senior Vice-President Dave Camp in a blog post. Last fall, Firefox promised it would ramp up its anti-tracking capabilities in response to demands from privacy-conscious users and to speed up page load times.
5 Alternatives to Track This by Firefox

Block ads, trackers and miners on iOS and macOS

Wipr blocks all ads, trackers, cryptocurrency miners, EU cookie and GDPR notices, and other annoyances, so you can focus on the content that matters to you. It works in Safari and all apps that use Safari to display web pages.

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Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Wipr. This post will be updated with new questions in the future if the need arises. * How Do I Report Issues? Use Send Feedback. On macOS: launch the Wipr app, and you'll find it in the menubar under Help.
9 Alternatives to Wipr

A new tool that gives you more control of your data

Off-Facebook activity is a summary of activity that businesses and organizations share with Facebook about your interactions, such as visiting their apps or websites. It lets you review your off-Facebook activity and disconnect it from your account.

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The Next Web
Facebook has been embroiled in a major data privacy scandal over the past several weeks - one that got its CEO testifying in front of the US Congress. One of the ways it's trying to fix its image is by offering up explanations of how its collects and uses data - but it fails to see the problem in these processes.
Facebook Newsroom
Many apps and websites are free because they're supported by online advertising. And to reach people who are more likely to care about what they are selling, businesses often share data about people's interactions on their websites with ad platforms and other services.
4 Alternatives to Off-Facebook Activity

Avoid browser fingerprinting and use virtual profiles.

Kameleo creates a mask for your browser identity and allows you to set this configuration manually or use one of the virtual profiles from the library. As a result, you won't be tracked while you are surfing on the web.

8 Alternatives to Kameleo
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