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9 alternative and related products to Joyn'it

Beautiful social media platform dedicated solely to events

Joyn'it is a combination of social media platform dedicated solely to event creation and management with a smart synchronizable calendar that is used to tell you if people are busy or not on different dates. Eliminates the need for Doodle.

9 Alternatives to Joyn'it

Doodle simplifies scheduling.

Narek Khachatryan
Narek Khachatryan- Product Designer
I am a fan of Doodle. It nails it in terms of simplicity and usability for coordinating with groups.
Nathan Lucy
Nathan Lucy- Service Designer
We use Doodle to quickly identify dates when the most team members are available for an all-hands event. We also use it to identify when enough people are available to an activity requiring a minimum number of team members (like an interview).
gottino- Head of Digital Strategy, Tamedia
Doodle is best known for group scheduling - it's really quite impossible to get it right without Doodle. But there is loads of other products in beta. One of them is Doodle 1:1 to facilitate appointment booking with more control than just putting your calendar online. See here:
4 Alternatives to Doodle

Tonight's Going Out App

It is time to go out! YPlan gives you a hint for the most memorable events every day. Take your time in a city to explore and make your best experience! Get the most amazing news for food, attractions, art, culture, shopping, and nightlife in one place! It is available for 108 cities, so make your list, book and go!

16 Alternatives to YPlan
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