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Jot alternatives and competitors

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Ever write yourself notes and/or emails? Enter Jot

Top alternatives for Jot

Workflows by Anvil
No-code PDF automation for all, webform meets PDF & e-sign
  • Twobird

    5 reviews
    Write emails, create notes, set reminders and assign to-dos — your everyday tools in Twobird. A new email app from the makers of Notability.
  • Noto

    4 reviews

    Email yourself notes, to-dos, photos from Noto or your favorite app. Trigger other web services via IFTTT or Zapier. Integrate with email-enabled apps like Evernote. Why Noto? More flexibility and active development.

    Feel free to check out our roadmap or outstanding feature requests / bug reports here.

    *so* much faster and easier than opening up gmail/mail/whatever.

  • Jotbox

    Send quick notes to your inbox from your iPhone
  • Pigeon

    1 review
    Pigeon is a simple productivity tool for people who use their email inbox like a to-do list. It allows you to email yourself ideas, photos, and websites in a single tap. The share sheet lets you send yourself links and websites from any app.
  • Read on Mail

    Give Read on Mail a link, and it will send you a clean, readable version of an article.
    Make reading part of your inbox zero routine.
  • SendToEmail

    1 review

    ToEmailBot is a bot for Telegram that receives texts, pictures or files and automatically forwards them to your email. Now you do not need to open the mail client and send files manually. The bot does it quickly and safely.

    It is free, forever.

    interesting! thanks for sharing :)

  • Jot

    Free options
    Minimize mental burden, conquer context switching, and actually stay organized without replacing the apps you're familiar with. Your brain (and the notes app you've been using as a brain dump) will thank you — we promise.