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Keeping a mood journal is a good habit to adopt on the way to a more stable and happy life, whether you have been diagnosed with a mood disorder, or not. JOI is a perfect tool for keeping a mood journal in a simple and funny way. EnJOI healthy and happy life!
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  • People are stressed out and turning to meditation for help. But meditation isn’t for everyone. Cactus combines guided reflection prompts, a private journal, and intimate sharing to help you live a more fully actualized life. And it’s free.
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  • Mindful Humans is a community of makers, creators, and founders who track mental and physical health, encourage each other to improve habits, and share ideas to live happier and healthier lives.

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    I'm a member of the group for 2 months now and I advise people to join when they want to grow in a broader sense of life.

    Why I love this gro…

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  • Moodnotes 2.0

    Capture your mood and improve your thinking habits
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  • Moodica

    Oddly satisfying videos to relax your brain.
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  • Mindbliss

    A.I. powered meditations with world renowned teachers
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  • GrowApp

    Self care assistant. Are you happy?
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  • Cove

    Capture your mood. Express how you feel.
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  • Our self-care needs change. Understand how to Take Care of yourself with personalized self-care insights. Rooted in yogic philosophy, our 75 question assessment measures your wellbeing across five dimensions then recommends practices for your current needs.
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  • Odo 2.0

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    Odo is a Multi-skilled Artificial Intelligence that aims to be an empathetic companion for every stage of life. It's Human-like A.I. for Self-Care, that focuses on learning ✅, relaxing ✅ , and healing ✅, in a private secret space, all in conversations.
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  • Flouris

    Flouris is more than just a habit-tracker. Flouris - is your personal assistant to flourish life that provides a productive approach to making real changes in your life!

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  • Moodflow

    Moodflow is a minimalistic mood tracking and year-in-pixels app that is free to use.

    Moodflow tries to help people to reflect more on their lives, making them realize about the good and the bad.

    Mood Pixel is now Moodflow
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  • Mood

    “Mood” is mood diary iPhone app which record mood, note, photo, video and location.
    Write mood diary at moment in your day (Entry can create many item in day).
    Browse your mood in bar chart and see your mood wave.
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  • OneForMe

    The OneForMe app helps you do one thing just for you every day. All you need do is open the app and randomly select one good thing to do! It's a great way to form new healthy habits, build confidence, and increase happiness, one thing and one day at a time.
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  • Mr Mood

    Simplest, prettiest and funniest daily mood tracker ever
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  • Maindo

    Maindo is your own personal space for text notes. Whether it's just notes, diary entries or even the most frank reflections about your life — this app might be the perfect place for such notes.
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  • Emostatus

    Emostatus is an emotional journalling webapp in a twitter like interface, where you can express your emotions anonymously. Journalling emotions and feelings has been proved to bring mental clarity and improve mental-wellbeing.
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