Alternative products to Job Collections by BetaList

6 alternative and related products to Job Collections by BetaList

Job Collections by BetaList
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6 Alternatives to Job Collections by BetaList

A better, more transparent standard for job advertising

We have spent the past decade in London building great teams. We are applying that experience to improving the process of discovering transparent companies.

The best people won’t apply because because your job is a slightly different colour to the other jobs. The best people apply because you are embracing honesty and transparency.

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Honest Work Blog
The standard, accepted practice for advertising job vacancies simply isn't good enough. I say this from the perspective of someone who has advertised hundreds of jobs over the years and applied to dozens. From both sides of the table, the employer perspective and the applicant perspective, the current standard is
8 Alternatives to Honest Work

Recruiting and candidate sourcing made easy

I've been watching the Fetcher team for a few years now. I'm increasingly impressed with what they're building. They make it super easy to fill your candidate pipeline regardless of who you're targeting and contact prospects directly.

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The workforce crisis is looming, a situation that could hit the global economy to the tune of $10 trillion, according to some studies. The crux of the problem relates to a mismatch between supply and demand, with some economies facing a workforce shortage and others a surplus.
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A Search engine for machine learning jobs 👔😍

ML Jobs List is a platform which allows users to:
🌎Discover machine learning jobs from all over the internet
📧Get notified by email when jobs are posted
😌Work with cutting-egde artificial intelligence companies

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If you can't launch it somewhere. You are probably not going to ever make it into something. And you are not going to make it after X months or vacation.
6 Alternatives to Machine Learning Jobs List

Rethinker helps you develop and improve professionally. Our platform integrates a toolbox of AI-powered apps, in-person career coaching and job placement. We guide you through an end-to-end framework which helps you achieve your own specific goals, right now!

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We believe the biggest waste we're creating as a human civilization is in the hundreds of millions of mind-numbed corporate workers, trapped by circumstance inside their cage-like cubicles while looking out the window at life passing by, quietly resenting today and fearing tomorrow. We believe that something is fundamentally broken in today's approach to wor… See more
In a previous post we've introduced the Rethinker Loop, our mental framework for navigating the challenges of professional development and career improvement. At its simplest it represents a continuous development loop which has three stages: 1. Understanding yourself and the challenge you are facing 2.
Why feedback? Because feedback is fundamental to our interactions as human beings. Arguably, it is the determinant factor in our evolution as individuals, and the main benchmark we use to measure and adjust personal development.
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