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Enhance your appearance & background using AI in video calls
Jiff ⚡️is a desktop app to help you be the best version of yourself on video calls. You can,
💡 Enhance your webcam output quality
📹 Customize your backgrounds with cool colors or custom images
😀 Make your camera follow you with face tracking
3 Alternatives to Jiff

Enhance your video conferencing and live streams using filters and effects, whether you are using Zoom, WebEx, Hangouts, Messenger or any other. Retouch your video, improve your lighting, add effects and more.

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Say hello to Memix, from the makers of Shadertoy. In this strange time of lockdowns, one group of creators is setting out to make our online lives as much fun as possible, starting with things like Zoom calls. And they're doing it via some innovative - and fun - CG webcam filter effects with an app called Memix.
3 Alternatives to Memix
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