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Turn your phone into an AI Dashcam

Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
A dashcam is pretty handy as well. Have a spare phone lying around? Then you wouldn't need a dedicated dashcam. You could use the nexar app as a dashcam.
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Create Anime girls characters with A.I. (GANs) is a trained GANs to generate anime girls faces

Picking parameters and having a brand-new anime-style character made takes only a few seconds. We recently took a look at how artificial intelligence can be used to help make anime characters move more smoothly by automatically creating additional frames of animation to be inserted between the ones human animators draw.
Artificial Intelligence is not a new topic of discussion for the anime community. We've had anime producers say that the future of anime is with Artificial Intelligence, researchers developing programs that make the animation smoother and, of course, who could forget our glorious overlord .
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