Alternative products to Jerrycan

5 alternative and related products to Jerrycan

Track Fuel, Mileage and Expenses

Designed for every driver, Jerrycan tracks your car actual fuel consumption, MPG and mileage. The application becomes your personal coach that helps you improve fuel-efficient driving, cut fuel expenses and reduce the impact on the ecology.

5 Alternatives to Jerrycan

Increase your website's conversions with notifications

HoverSignal is an interactive notifications constructor for websites. They are similar to push-notifications and help the website look more alive and popular.

These signals will boost the average session duration and add social proof, increasing sales and leads.

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Just a week ago we've launched HoverSignal, a free and simple tool that helps you add social proof to your website. At the beginning we've created a massive landing page with all that recommended stuff: reviews, examples, video etc.
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Track and manage your team's travelling expenses 🚗

• Using the auto together?
• Have a company car and report expenses?
• Rented a car with friends for vacation?
• Use a family car together with siblings or share parents car?
Manage all the vehicle costs, including service, fuelling, and much more!

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