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Jam Looper
A simple & fun way to make music.
17 Alternatives to Jam Looper

Create & save multi-track music projects on a smartphone

FL Studio Mobile is DAW for Android and iOS where you can create and save complete multi-track music projects. Features include recording, sequencing, edit, mixing and rendering complete songs.

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DJ Mag Tech has been playing with some wonderful apps that will help you craft killer dance tracks. We've put together a list of our favourite five that offer professional results in a format accessible for newcomers to the production arena.
FL Studio has been given its final update before version 13, adding a host of usability, performance and functional features.The UI is now fully re-sizeable, including all of ImageLine's native plugins, with Panel Picker allowing users to quickly render patterns to audio, as well as other managing tools and virtual MIDI controllers to mimic real world drum p… See more
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A beautiful app for creating ambient music

Cycle is a time lag accumulator - a musical system that repeats the notes you play over and over until they gradually fade into silence. It's a simple but very powerful idea, allowing you easily create fascinating and often unexpected sonic textures.

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Music motion app. Make music by shaking your phone. 🎶

Jam is an innovative music maker designed as a music motion app, with which you will transform your device in a real instrument just shaking it. Alone or with your friends, jam the away.

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Designed as a music motion app, Jam is an innovative music maker, It is easy to create groove beats just with the movement of your device, fluid learning, and sophisticate tools for music creation with an update library of sounds. Jam gives the user countless possibilities in endless combinations to create original Electronic, hip-hop or simply drum and base… See more || La radiazione di fondo delle tue giornate. Una webzine interstellare
JAM è una nuova App gratuita per IPhone, con cui puoi trasformare il tuo dispositivo in un vero strumento musicale, semplicemente scuotendo e realizzando i tuoi beat. È disponibile su Apple Store dal 7 Gennaio 2018 e in poche ore ha raggiunto la posizione 71 sull'app store sezione musica di iTunes.
SHAKERA il tuo IPHONE e divertiti con JAM! Gioca, sfoga la fantasia e crea i tuoi beat con la nuova App che sta facendo scatenare tutti gli appassionati di musica. E' disponibile su è una nuova App Apple Store e all'uscita in poche ore ha raggiunto la posizione 71 sull'app store sezione musica di iTunes.
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PLAY, HAVE FUN AND TAKE INSPIRATION WITH JAM TO CREATE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL BEATS Sponsored by Clockbeats, Jam is an innovative music maker designed as a music motion app, with which you will transform your device in a real instrument just shaking it. Alone or with your friends, jam the away.
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A simple, fast, and beautiful music creation app

Sebastian Alberione
Sebastian Alberione
I've made beats with this app during my last flight. It's simple and intuitive to use. Sounds are cool. You can then use the beats you made within the app «Take» to add tracks (voice or other).
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Mash up throwback jams and download when you create some 🔥

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Full disclosure* This isn't so much 'news' as a reminder that it's often the simple ideas that turn out to be the best. Also it's a lot of fun. Back in 2007 a person/genius created a website called The Magic iPod that lets you mash up classic songs from the 2000s that are world's apart in terms of genre but actually sound excellent when you put them together… See more
Mash-ups, two songs remixed into one, can produce truly transcendent new music synthesized into more than the sum of its parts. Or they make hilariously dumb juxtapositions. Sometimes mash-ups can be both at once. I already went into my love mash-ups while awarding the magnificent mash-up rhythm game DJ Hero (along with the miraculous mash-up album Mouth Moo… See more
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I made this haiku in three minutes, and it perfectly describes the charm of T he Magic iPod, a simple website with a few choice compatible songs from the iPod generation that lovers of mash-ups will enjoy.
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Improve your sense of rhythm

Rhythmeo is an app that's designed to improve your sense of rhythm. You can play through the preset levels, or customise the app to play your own patterns. You can also view your progress over time using our custom score system.

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Save your song ideas with ease on Android

Song Note is an Android app built to save your song ideas.

It features a tablature editor for guitar and bass, an audio recorder and a few ways to organize your ideas, like adding a name, labels, description, and favorites.

This project is still young, so I would really appreciate your feedback :)

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Jam with friends

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Spotify has acquired the online music studio startup, Stockholm-based Soundtrap, the company announced via a blog post this morning. The three year-old company is the maker of a cloud-based, collaborative music and podcast recording studio which includes its own collection of loops, as well as the ability to connect your instruments.
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