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Stop texting your friends for logins. Get access to services your friends pay for, instantly and securely.
Jam is a social password manager. It helps users find ways to save money, split costs, and stay secure.
Ship your mobile app faster, with fewer bugs
  • 1Password for Teams

    Securely share secrets + info within your team
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  • ShareUrl is Chrome extension which allows users to share their various accounts (Netflix,Hotstar, Hulu, Facebook etc.) with their friends and families.

    Work's on Chrome.

    Simple to use.

    Share to multiple.

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  • Share and trade your favorite subscriptions with friends and family using just a link. No password required.
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  • An open source chrome extension which shares your current session. It uses cryptography to ensure that only the recipient can decode the result. There are no servers involved

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    In the back it uses private/public key encryption, so it's super safe and you know that you'll only share your account with a particular per…

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  • Oxus

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    Software is expensive and burn rates get high really fast. As a maker I always wished there was somewhere I could find like minded, trustworthy individuals to share certain subscriptions with to lower costs.
    To scratch my own itch, I have created Oxus!
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  • Tweetdeck Teams

    Share access to Twitter w/o sharing your password
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  • Splitsub

    Splitsub is a group buying app for online consumer subscriptions in India. Users share more than 25 different types of subscriptions ranging from streaming services to productivity softwares .
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  • OneChannel

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    OneChannel is the first Automated Subscription Sharing App available for smartphones and (soon!) web browsers & AndroidTV! Currently, we offer shared access to group subscription plans on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+..
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