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No more copy-pasting video conference links to Slack. Jackfruit adds an always-on video room to every channel that you invite it to. Use it for meetings, or just hang out there while you work.
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  • Slack Video Calls

    Talking face-to-face with your team is just one click away
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  • Text messages are handy but lack emotions 😐

    Calls are essential but sometimes distracting ⚑

    Video messages convey data with a human touch πŸ™ƒ

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  • Better collaboration for product teams in multiple time zones. Exchange video, voice, and screen recordings with your team at the tap of a button.
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  • 1-click web video conferencing with apps and bots
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    Reminds me of the early version of appear.in but with real possibilities to work together on projects with your physical whiteboard.

  • Better engage and impress your customers, with video calls in Intercom. What’s different about Daily.co for Intercom is that you can embed the video right in your chat; as well as screen shares. No Daily.co account is needed, no downloads and free dial-in. Totally free. Give it a try!

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    Probably the easiest video-chat solution on the market. We're going to use it in our product as well.

  • Bonfire for Android

    Back in September, Facebook launched a new app for iOS called Bonfire that allowed users to host group video chats with 8 of their friends at once. To help spice up conversations, there are also fun video effects that could be applied similar to Snapchat’s 3D lenses. It's now available on Android too.

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  • VioTalk

    VioTalk instant messaging app that helps to say more and do more with Cloud video messaging(up to 4 hours), file sharing, Voice & video calling and also Live location share. Connect instantly with Cloud Recording.

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  • Zemo

    zemo.live is a free browser based peer to peer application that randomly connects you with another developer for a fun 1 on 1 conversation.
    Think of it as the omeagle for developers
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