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Do you think you’ve got a designer’s eye?
Test your skills and judge whether the dots are really in the middle of the shapes.
Top It's Centered That alternatives
Zendesk for Startups
CX software that grows as you go.
  • Checklist Design is a collection of best UI and UX practices to provide a complete, honest and rewarding experience for your users. Take in the knowledge of not just what to put in your solution, but how and why it should be there.
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    This is my first official review and I really love to use the checklist for projects. It's easy to query, fast to use and helps keep quality…See more
  • User Inyerface is a challenging exploration of user interactions and design patterns.
    To play the game, simply fill in the form as fast and accurate as possible.
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    I've never seen something this awesome to make you feel like there's worse than you about design! I feel way happier now :D

  • Guess the Hex

    A game for designers: test your hex value skills
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