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9 alternative and related products to iOS Stack

iOS Stack
A curated collection of iOS resources for app builders
9 Alternatives to iOS Stack

A curated directory of quality resources for product people

Product Manual is a curated directory of resources and tools to help you learn and progress in product management. The directory is organised in 25 categories. Each category has a list of carefully curated resources in various formats.

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(In case you have missed the part 1 of the story, you can find it here) We initially planned to launch our product on 8 January 2018 but as we got the MVP+ ready towards mid December 2017 we decided not to wait but to launch as soon as possible, gather feedback and iterate from there.
Today I am very excited to announce See more
10 Alternatives to Product Manual

A simple tool for creating native iOS apps on Mac 💻 📲

Lightwell is a powerful creation tool for artists, designers, and developers. Build, prototype and publish your own native iOS app without writing code.

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If you're a brand new Lightwell user, let us be the first to say, welcome! We're excited you're here. If you're one of our existing users, you might notice that Lightwell looks a bit different when you open it up today.
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Useful tools for mobile app creators is a collection of tools to help app developers marketing and promote their apps. A easy to use screenshot builder, a website landing page generator and iTunes review tracking. Built by GoLocalApps on the open source codebase.

Sam Rye
Sam Rye- Founder
Replacing launchkit, AppToolkit is a winner.
Ross Rojek
Ross Rojek- CTO,,
If you're making a landing page for an app, this will build it just from your iTunes link. Free and Paid versions, hosting and plenty of tracking tools.
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