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Interview Simulator alternatives and competitors

Prepare for your interviews like never before. Choose your own adventure in this simulated mock interview where you'll have to diagnose a live issue with Facebook's platform.
Top Interview Simulator alternatives
Zendesk for Startups
CX software that grows as you go.
  • Xobin

    Xobin is a platform to simulate the job interviews at Top Companies. With simulation that is specific to the roles and the company, it enables applicants to prepare well and sail through the interview.

    Practice your Tech Interviews with Xobin Bot!

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  • Interviewlab is a list of useful resources which help you to ace job interviews

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    I am not sure how this can help ? They just put bunch of links in a spreadsheet those links we can find easily by Googling! Waste of time

  • AlgoExpert is a website that helps prospective Software Engineers prepare for algorithm-intensive programming interviews. 65 video explanations of popular interview questions with solutions in JavaScript, Python, C++, Java, and Go.
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  • Speechapp

    - Practice your speech for the common job interview questions

    - Get helpful tips for each question

    - Listen your record and identify some mistakes

    - Receive feedbacks from another users

    - Give feedbacks to another users

    - Pratice your speaking

    - Get ready to get your next dream job!

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  • Be totally prepared and get the best job offer possible
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  • Coderslang 2.0

    Coderslang 2.0 helps you prepare for the Software Dev Interview by taking personalized quizzes with explanations.
    FREE on iOS and Android!
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  • Tunnels

    Tunnels is a text-based "Choose-your-own-ending" game set in a world post-apocalypse.
    It contains:
    - 21 hand-drawn illustrations
    - 9 main story endings
    - 3 unlockable side stories, each with 3 different endings
    Collect them all!
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  • With this real-to-life simulation, you will
    - Experience 10 yrs of investing in a few weeks;
    - Grasp the illiquid nature of equity;
    - Build patience, discipline & perseverance;
    - Discover how to protect your net worth; and
    - Become Financially Sophisticated
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  • Job Prepper

    Jobprepper.com allows you (front end developers) to upload your resume and it will create a personalized interview experience based on your skill set. Improve your interview skills by reviewing your audio-recorded answers.
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  • Thousand Threads

    Thousand Threads is a beautiful open world where you deliver mail, find artifacts, help people out, and fend off folks you’ve wronged.
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  • Are you tired of doing many job interviews, but not getting an offer?
    There is one problem: You haven't mastered interviewing skills.
    This ebook reveals techniques and strategies needed to do well in job interviews at a tech company.
    (10% off code: oz7s4)
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  • Hireglyph

    Hireglyph is a collaborative interview preparation platform for quant finance. Users can prepare for interviews by accessing a variety of verified interview questions while learning from a community of problem-solvers.
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