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Intercom on Customer Engagement

A book on how to create messages that drive engagement

Intercom on Customer Engagement is the newest book from the good folks at @Intercom. It provides actionable messaging strategies to help improve customer engagement and grow your business.

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Intercom on Marketing

The marketing book for startups, now in print and audio

Getting marketing right is one of the toughest challenges facing startups today. Check out our all-new print and audio versions of Intercom on Marketing to hear how we waded through the noise and you can too.

Inside Intercom
Today we're launching our latest print and audiobook - Intercom on Marketing. More than 35,000 people have already enjoyed our no-nonsense, actionable advice across the entire spectrum of marketing, from messaging to monetization. And now it comes in two new formats: print and audio.
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Get My Response Time

Are you leaving money on the table? Find out now.

If you're not responding to leads in real-time, you could be missing out. How long do your hottest leads wait to hear back from you?

Drift Blog
This year, B2B digital ad buyers--mostly marketers--will spend $4.6 billion to tell the world about their products. They'll use all the typical marketing channels and tactics to spread the word -- display, content syndication, SEM, social, re-marketing, email, and more. The ad copy will be different, of course. The calls to action?
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Build beautiful and simple user onboarding experiences.

Pau Todó-
It comes with a complete CRM, but yes, it has a price
Alin Vlad- CMO, CyberGhost
No coding required. Straightforward and simple to implement.
Omer Molad- Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
Appcues is a pretty hand tool. We use it at Vervoe.
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Capture, Engage & Retain everyone on your Website.

Naman Bhutani- Sales Specialist
You could try out Interakt, it's more like Intercom only and meets your requirements of Auto Pop-ups, multi-agent collaboration, integrated support system, automated lead capture. It has some more cool apps you could use too. Hope it helps.. :)
Naman Bhutani- Sales Specialist
A cheaper alternate to the complete (& individual) package of Intercom.
Naman Bhutani- Sales Specialist
Interakt is a similar tool like Intercom, it has almost all the features/applications as Intercom and at 1/5th the price. Interakt starts at $49/month for all its application combined and also has a free-forever plan to test it for as long as you want.
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Engage with customers & apply the data to marketing

With InQ.Social widgets and services you interact with your website visitors in the moment, in a personal way. Ask questions and capture their feedback. Track specific behaviour and store it as actionable insights. Create a custom experience for different groups of visitors, based on their interests.

Easily integrates into any website!

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