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Intercom on Customer Engagement

A book on how to create messages that drive engagement

Intercom on Customer Engagement is the newest book from the good folks at @Intercom. It provides actionable messaging strategies to help improve customer engagement and grow your business.

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Build beautiful and simple user onboarding experiences.

Omer Molad- Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
Appcues is a pretty hand tool. We use it at Vervoe.
Alin Vlad- CMO, CyberGhost
No coding required. Straightforward and simple to implement.
Pau Todó-
It comes with a complete CRM, but yes, it has a price
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Capture, Engage & Retain everyone on your Website.

Naman Bhutani- Sales Specialist
You could try out Interakt, it's more like Intercom only and meets your requirements of Auto Pop-ups, multi-agent collaboration, integrated support system, automated lead capture. It has some more cool apps you could use too. Hope it helps.. :)
Naman Bhutani- Sales Specialist
Interakt is a similar tool like Intercom, it has almost all the features/applications as Intercom and at 1/5th the price. Interakt starts at $49/month for all its application combined and also has a free-forever plan to test it for as long as you want.
Naman Bhutani- Sales Specialist
I mentioned this earlier in a recommendation for Live Chat some days back, I'm mentioning it here too, because it has got an integrated solution for Live-Chat & Helpdesk and guess what, there are other things which you could use too. Like Knowledge-base, E-mail Marketing & Automation, CRM system and On-site notifications. It's a pretty helpful tool … See more
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Engage with customers & apply the data to marketing

With InQ.Social widgets and services you interact with your website visitors in the moment, in a personal way. Ask questions and capture their feedback. Track specific behaviour and store it as actionable insights. Create a custom experience for different groups of visitors, based on their interests.

Easily integrates into any website!

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