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Intercom Educate

What a knowledge base should be–personal and intelligent

Let customers help themselves with a smarter knowledge base.

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Generate a beautiful FAQ & help site in minutes. is the easiest way to make a Knowledge Base or Support Center for your customers that's beautiful, mobile-friendly, and searchable so your customers can find answers fast. Our FAQ sites are responsive, easy to customize, looks good out of the box, and even supports custom domains on our Free plan.

Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
Create a knowledge base for your team and host it on a custom domain.
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Faqbot 2.0

Chatbot for FAQ, sales and lead generation automation 🤖

We turn your FAQ page into a chatbot in minutes. Build your own chatbot with custom conversation flow for customer support, sales or lead generation purposes.

FAQ automation is about automating FAQ online. Faqbot take existing FAQ content and transform it into a chatbot. Companies copy and paste the url of their FAQ page into our system. We transform this into a chatbot. A FAQ database is created and a machine learning engine is added.
French teenager Mathis André had been tinkering around building websites when he dropped out of school at the age of 16 before eventually becoming interested in bots, the software which has exhibited a lot of promise in areas like customer service and e-commerce.
5 Alternatives to Faqbot 2.0

Elevio Elements

Easily embed in-app help components anywhere on your site

Directly embedding smart help components into your existing interface (like search, auto-suggestions, or full articles) via HTML or the point and click, your UX, and customer education become intertwined. Leading to increases in engagement & retention, and a drop to support loads. Allowing companies to truly scale, without needing to scale support

5 Alternatives to Elevio Elements


Less support emails & more happy customers

Arnaud Bressier- Kumbu co-founder
Helpjuice is probably one of the best Knowledge Base provider, given that it offers every feature a product manager could dream of (analytics, amazing search bar and perf, customization...) and mostly because it's interface is really super clean (for both customers and editors). Pricing is $$$ though...
1 Alternatives to HelpJuice

Should we move our knowledge base to Intercom's Educate product?

Brittany FullerCo-founder @ Roadmap
Intercom Educate - What a knowledge base should be–personal and intelligent
"Product Hunt has actually just started using Intercom Educate for our help center. The UI is very easy to navigate through, and it took ver… See more
Elevio - Contextual based support
"Personally I would recommend using Elevio instead. I didnt like the lack of customization with the helpdesk within IC, for exmp not being a… See more

What is a good real-time help desk solution for a solopreneur on a budget?

Michael Ian
Intercom Educate - What a knowledge base should be–personal and intelligent
"For PH we've been using Intercom Educate to answer questions for us. We track what questions come in through intercom and then write articl… See more

What is the best tool for personal knowledge base?

Pavel Fedorov
Intercom Educate - What a knowledge base should be–personal and intelligent
"A bit pricy, but very well structured and easy to use."
Zendesk - Software for better customer service.
"Also easy to use, looks nice and gives you a good structure, base subscription €5/month should be sufficient."
Nuclino - The easy knowledge base for teams
"I'm using Nuclino for this. Easy, nice, FREE. :)"

What are the best alternatives to Zendesk for KNOWLEDGE BASE content management and tracking?

Trista KempaOps + CX
Intercom Educate - What a knowledge base should be–personal and intelligent
"We recently adopted Intercom Educate for our FAQs/help center (see It's a great addition and integrates wi… See more
HelpScout - Simple support system, without all the crap you don't need
"Definitely an awesome tool."
UserVoice - The best way to collect, rank, and act on customer feedback
"Intercom Educate is seamless. For myself, I did some research because of pricing issues and found UserVoice, UserEcho, UserResponse and muc… See more
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