Interactive Screen Sharing in Slack alternatives and competitors

Top Interactive Screen Sharing in Slack alternatives
Monitor, debug and test real-world CX flows in minutes
  • Witeboard lets you create quick sketches on desktop, tablet, or phone in a few minutes and collaborate with your team real-time.

    Just go to, make a quick sketch, grab a share link and send it to your co-worker. You don't need to install anything nor create an account.

    It's the fastest way to collaborate real-time with your team.

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    Really cool and easy to use
  • A simple way to share your ideas and your screen
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    We do pair programming and daily calls with slack in our software project.

  • Loom is a new kind of work communication tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable videos, now available inside Slack.

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    My whole team loves it.

  • Screen Pop is a multiplayer screen sharing app that lets you work together like you’re in the same room. Unlike videoconferencing tools that are designed for presentation, Pop lets everyone participate through multiplayer drawing & control.
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  • Zoom is a powerful online meeting tool for large, distributed teams.

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  • Text messages are handy but lack emotions 😐

    Calls are essential but sometimes distracting

    Video messages convey data with a human touch 🙃

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  • Sblack is a little free Mac app that applies a Dark Theme to Slack for Mac to make it easier on your eyes. Just drag and drop and you're done!

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    Love the dark option, be great to toggle ON/Off

  • Live Sessions is your presentation’s new best friend. Guide your audience through a synchronized experience on their own devices. Graphics are crisp, videos play smoothly and when you move to the next slide, your audience moves with you. Forget screen sharing.
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  • ScreenTime

    ScreenTime is a screen sharing plugin for FaceTime (for macOS). It appears as a webcam on FaceTime and lets you show your desktop during a FaceTime video call.

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  • Airtame 2 is an essential wireless screen sharing product for business & education environments. You can connect any computer or mobile to a screen or projector, plus showcase personalized digital signage when not actively presenting.

    From the people behind Airtame 1, one of the most successful Indiegogo campaigns of all time.

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    The team behind Airtame are super sharp and they're always there when we need their support or have any questions

  • Smart Slack Reminders

    No more lost messages in Slack. Ever.

    You schedule a follow-up, and the bot does it all for you. Magic.

    Keep calm and use the #1 Slack bot for standup meetings. And follow-ups.

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  • Goodnight Zoom

    Parents, let's reach out by setting up a remote storytime between you, your child, and an isolated senior. We partner primarily with nursing homes to find trustworthy, warm readers, and it's an amazing connecting experience.
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  • Aiko Meet is the first video conferencing solution built with AI. Audio is automatically subtitled, and you'll receive a full transcript at the end of your call!
    Take calls right in your browser with a custom link (no extensions, no installs), fully private.
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    I can't tell you how impressed I am -this is a killer product - AI is cool - most important it works. I just tested and got the transcript,…

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  • All-new Loom

    Record and instantly share video messages of your screen, cam, or both. It's faster than typing an email or meeting live.
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  • Get more done together with our completely redesigned and now publicly available app with multi-user screen sharing, remote control, video chat, a new UI and Slack integration.
    “@getCoScreen is making remote better than in person”
    GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij
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  • CoScreen v2 is out! ✨
    ↔️ Multi-user screen sharing & editing
    🏎 2x-3x faster than Zoom/Teams
    🪟 NEW: Now on macOS AND Windows
    🚀 NEW: Calling & XL video popout - connect even faster with your team
    Get it for free at:
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  • Get ready to share your screen, safely, in one click. Without context switching, it can hide your desktop icons, pause your notifications, clean your workspace and much more. After you're finished, click back to have your desktop exactly where you've left off
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  • Get more done together with our completely redesigned and now publicly available app for macOS with multi-user screen sharing, remote control, video chat, a new UI and Slack integration.
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  • White

    Draw, sketch, speak, teach, PPT, documents, collaborate, brainstorm, review design, meeting... All of these White integrated, with any device, all here in one place.

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  • Creately’s new collaboration features combine faster real-time collaboration, video calls with an infinite canvas to visually explain and plan anything.
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