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11 alternative and related products to Instant 3.0

Instant 3.0

Google Analytics for your life.

11 Alternatives to Instant 3.0

Gyroscope provides a complete dashboard for everything about your life.

Jack Dweck
Jack Dweck- Product Manager at Unroll.Me
A beautiful little app that tracks your health and let's you compete with friends
Øyvind Solstad ☀
Øyvind Solstad ☀- Head of social media, VG
Used it for a long time, now also paying for the Pro version. Very useful to run "big data" on yourself.
Vincent Ghyssens
Vincent Ghyssens- Growth @ Proxyclick
Definitely loved Gyroscope ever since it was launched. The Pro version adds a few nice features (custom goals is my favorite) and they're launching new ones all the time. It also helps me be more mindful of my time and occupations. All in all, really great stuff!
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21 Alternatives to Gyroscope

A to-do list for avoiding the things you shouldn't be doing

The to-do list app that helps you avoid stuff you really shouldn’t be doing. The key to unlocking productivity isn’t doing tasks, it’s avoiding them. Doing nothing has never felt so good!

Around the web
The To Don't App is the antithesis of productivity apps, a tool created to help you achieve your plan of doing as little as possible.
Real Simple
If all those productivity tools, hacks, and tips haven't worked for you yet, it may be time to try something a little different. This alternative
Stay on track by avoiding time-wasting tasks with this productivity trick from the authors of 'How Women Rise.'
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6 Alternatives to The ToDon't List

Get your latest health stats from Gyroscope in a new tab

Joshua McQueen
Joshua McQueen- Director of Sales, Passare
Great for having quick insight on whether or not you're hitting your goals.
Daniel Singer
Daniel Singer- X6 Fleet Manager at @pandastartup 🐼
Right off the heels of new funding this is the best way to start of a new tab (with great photos and a dashboard of what's going on in your life) great if you already use gyroscope.
Lachlan Campbell
Lachlan Campbell- Hack Club design/JS—HS 🎓—they/them—🌈
Gyroscope shows a dashboard of your health on new tab pages. It's a great reminder to get up, get moving, and not just keep opening new tabs on your computer 🙃
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See how your environment and lifestyle affects your DNA 🧬

Do you have DNA? Of course you do. You're human. Did you know that it is possible to know your biological age, your body composition and how you have been affected by smoke exposure? These are things you can actually measure for the first time.

Around the web
It is not rare to hear people saying over a glass of wine in a friendly gathering that scientists overreact with smoking risks. To make themselves believable, they bring live examples of relatives-who were heavy smokers- and outlived their habits.
Business Leader
Chronomics has successfully secured more than £1.12m in funding, including significant investment from venture capital firm Anthemis, and follow on funding from SOSV, one of the world's most active early-stage biotech investors. The four founders of Chronomics are leading in their respective fields.
Recent advances in DNA science, partly driven by the recognised advantages when matched with personalised medicine, are making it easier to peer through the molecular mechanisms that help drive our health and wellbeing. In particular, epigenetic advances are providing an even wider perspective on how our lifestyle and environment can impact our health.
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