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Turn your Twitter timeline into a personalised news site

4 alternative and related products to Instacurate


Your Twitter timeline without any distractions or ads

CleanTimeline is an app that removes ads and promotions from your Twitter timeline.

I love twitter, I use it all the time! But as anyone who spends a lot of time on twitter would tell you, the official clients became really annoying lately.
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The super-easy way to see news from your friends

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré- Community Growth at
Discover top news from friends and influencers. Subscribe to social-powered newsletters or easily curate your own newsletter.
David Woodland
This app curates all the articles and blogs that hit my Twitter feed. It also sends me a daily newsletter with them. I love that I can also see the articles that surface in my friends' feeds. If you look up to a person and read what they read, maybe some day you will catch up :)
Nick Abouzeid- Words at Product Hunt 🤞
Can't be beat, especially if you're addicted to Twitter as I am. Find the articles that are shared by the people you trust the most - your friends!
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