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Inspired Virtual Gatherings alternatives and competitors

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A frequently updated list of virtual events happening while we all practice social distancing.
Top Inspired Virtual Gatherings alternatives
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  • Brightful Meeting Games is a suite of fun icebreaker games that is designed to liven up remote meetings. Our web app works alongside your favorite video conference tool to bring back some of that human connection we miss while working from home.
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  • Learn from domain experts as you network from home! Register with your background, interests, and goals, and ask your question of a Fireside host — think of it as an interactive Reddit AMA or Quora Session.
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  • We're helping creators, influencers and solopreneurs build their businesses online.
    We cover the boring stuff (payments, scheduling, personalized landing page, and promotion), so you can host delightful virtual events with ease.
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  • Glimpse matches large groups into 1:1 time-boxed video chats. We build authentic relationships within any large groups: from your team at work, networking during a conference, to college social group rush!
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  • Meet awesome makers with Peer Beer! We'll intro you to another maker twice a month so you can hop on a Zoom to chat about product, design or code. Grow your network and meet people who are as passionate as you are about building delightful products.
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  • Working at home can be lonely and isolating these days.
    Meet smart like-minded relevant people over a virtual lunch and grow.
    It's like a chat-roulette, but with verified people to grow your network and make meaningful connections over lunch.
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  • The go-to resource for online developer events. In-person conferences and events may have been canceled, but you can still virtually connect and grow with online events.
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  • 📏 6 feet =
    🍌 9 bananas
    🍕 5.14 Dominos pizza boxes
    🃏 20.57 playing cards
    🍦 14.40 pints of ice cream
    Shuffle through 100+ random household objects!
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  • Auditoriums on Pluto.video let you host talks and events in 3D worlds!
    - Look around and feel the presence of the crowd
    - Naturally transition between talks and socializing with attendees
    - Gather your community around shared interests and create serendipity
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  • MerryMint

    Discover and book virtual activities & experiences that your team can do together from home. Learn or experience something new from expert guides. Support small businesses and independent makers.
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  • Fundo lets creators set up and host a variety of unique online experiences and earn revenue all in one place:
    • Host interactive group meet and greets;
    • Have 1:1 video chats with a built-in “photo booth”;
    • Teach a virtual workshops and more.
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  • Lonely dev is a video community for developers and indie hackers. Simply share your day in a short video (up to 120 seconds). You will meet like-minded people all around the world. Come join us and you will not be lonely again 🤗
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  • Get matched up with another remote worker.
    Avoid lonelyness by having someone to check in with.
    Share your wins and struggles with someone new and increase your network.
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  • WFH Happy Hour is Slack group where people from all around the world have virtual happy hour parties on Zoom.
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  • We’re building a world where every person belongs.
    A next-gen social platform intentionally designed to connect people more deeply to community and each other. Let’s reinvent the social fabric that shapes our lives, centered on participation, passion & play.
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  • MeetFromHome

    1:1 matchmaking is awkward. Instead, network with people in a natural way going into and out of conversations as you walk around the room.
    The audio and video fade in/out based on your distance other people allowing groups to form naturally.
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  • #AtHomeStreams

    #AtHomeStreams shares fun events you can attend from the safety of your couch. Everyone's stuck at home but luckily a ton of artists, brands, and even chefs have started hosting live events daily to helps us get through it. New events are added to the site daily and there's something for everyone.
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  • Meetup Online

    👥 Meet people online like you would to in a physical meetup
    🔗 Redirect your meetup guests to your room on meetup-online.com
    👀 See all the participants connections in real-time
    🖐 Click connect to join a group call to chat with up to 2 other persons
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  • Glisser is an award-winning, web-based presentation software, integrated audience response system, and event analytics platform. Glisser LIVE combines our regular slide-sharing app with a video feed and brandable web platform.
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  • Lonely Together

    Telecommuting is cool. But it’s really hard to get an opportunity to talk with new people. LonelyTogether is a community that helps you to find a topic and talk buddy with anytime when it suits you. A call-first community for remote workers.
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