Alternative products to Insomnia REST API Client

9 alternative and related products to Insomnia REST API Client

Insomnia REST API Client
Build, manage, and run templated REST API requests
9 Alternatives to Insomnia REST API Client

Ensure your web-apps work seamlessly across all browsers.

LambdaTest is a browser compatibility testing platform that helps in making sure that your websites and web apps runs seamlessly on all browsers. You get on-demand access to a live real machine on which you can perform real-time testing of of your pages. User have a choice of 2000+ different browser and OS environment combinations to run tests on.

Mudit Singh
Mudit Singh
Good selection of browsers Can test on IE, Edge, Safari, iOS, Android Also have automation testing features
Deeksha Agarwal
Deeksha Agarwal- Creative Developer
It is an awesome product to use as it has almost every latest and oldest browser. Though it is not free but it is very cheap.
Mudit Singh
Mudit Singh
Easily integrates with Slack, Jira, Asana, Trello, etc etc. Good performance, loads of features, great UI, and fast customer support team.
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Looking for honest LambdaTest reviews? Learn more about its pricing details and check what experts think about its features and integrations. Read user reviews from verified customers who actually used the software and shared their experience on its pros and cons.
TestLodge Blog
Cross browser testing is a critical part of software testing. With so many different types of browsers, devices, and operating systems, software teams must make sure their websites and products function across all of these mediums. Buying and maintaining every single device, operating system, and browser is nearly impossible and definitely not economically e… See more
Geek Flare Blog
Live interactive browser, Responsive, Visual layout, Bug logging and more... If you are expecting your web applications to be used on multiple devices, by global users and haven't done proper testing yet, then time is now. Most of the product owner often test a web application on few favorite browser over fast internet speed and ...
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12 Alternatives to LambdaTest

Free online tool to test APIs and autogenerate documentation

Swagger Inspector is a free cloud-based API testing and documentation tool to simplify the validation of any API and generate its corresponding OpenAPI documentation. Swagger Inspector is part of the Swagger family of API developer tools.

The Swagger family of tools is brought to you by SmartBear Software.

6 Alternatives to Swagger Inspector

🚀 One command to generate REST APIs for any MySql Database.


🔥 Generates API for ANY MySql database

🔥 Powerful & Intuitive query interface

🔥 Usual suspects: CRUD, List, Count, Exists, Distinct

🔥 Relations, Paging, Sorting, Filtering (rows & columns too)

🔥 Bulk ops: insert-read-delete

🔥 Aggregate functions, Group By,Chart API

🔥 Multiple table joins !!

🔥 Supports Docker & AWS Lambda

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Xmysql is one command to generate REST APIs for any MySql database. Xmysql neither relies on conventions nor configurations! Just point Xmysql to your database schema and have REST APIs ready in seconds. Without further ado - let us get to it.
9 Alternatives to Xmysql

A beautiful RESTful client right on the menu bar.

RESTful Menu makes testing and development of APIs with ease by providing developers or testers with a minimalistic and beautiful application that can quickly be accessed right from the macOS menu bar.

This version includes the following features:

All major HTTP methods such as GET, PUT, POST, HEAD, PATCH, OPTIONS and DELETE.

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7 Alternatives to RESTful Menu

Modern and simpler way to test client services

Motty provides the simpler way to test your client services.

It is an web application which gives you abaility to create your own custom responses.

So you can intuitively and easily mock http responses. All you need to do is typing and click!

5 Alternatives to Motty

Postman collections on your iOS devices

GetWorks is a desktop-class HTTP client for iOS. Monitor, test, and manage APIs from anywhere with a GUI optimized for both iPad and iPhone. Postman API integration allows users to automatically download Postman collections to their devices.

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6 Alternatives to GetWorks
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