Alternative products to Insights Analytics

15 alternative and related products to Insights Analytics

Insights Analytics

Turning your Google Analytics data into actionable insights

15 Alternatives to Insights Analytics

A platform for ALL your company’s data.

rakam is a unified analytics platform that lets companies to analyse all of their company data.

can ozuysal
can ozuysal
Rakam is a product analytics tool that lets you to analyse your customer data and understand your users behaviour in a seamless way. I can briefly summarise the three main use cases of Rakam for your company: 1. If you need to create metrics on top of your raw event tables in your data warehouse, Rakam provides a simple interface so that you don't need to w… See more
Nurkan Kırkan
Nurkan Kırkan- user acquisition | digital marketing
we have our own cloud script information and load balancers. shortly we also do support for maintenance part as well.
Nurkan Kırkan
Nurkan Kırkan- user acquisition | digital marketing
you can try it out rakam.
3 Alternatives to rakam

Simple, privacy-focused website analytics

The same popular Fathom Analytics platform that was only available via our repo on GitHub is now available as a hosted option!

It's the same open-source software, but entirely managed by us on our cloud network with servers falling under Europe's strong privacy laws.

With Fathom PRO, you just need to plug in our tracking snippet to get started.

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If we aren't paying for the product, we are the product.
Fathom Analytics provides simple and useful website stats that focus on user privacy.
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Capture user events and route them straight to the best tools and data warehouses for analytics.

Priced based on event volume, not MTUs.

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Astronomer announced it has secured $3.5 million in financing. Eight investors participated in the round: Wireframe Ventures, CincyTech, Frontline Ventures, Drummond Road Capital, Core Ventures Group, M25 Group, Silicon Valley Bank, and Grand Ventures. Astronomer's platform connects and centralizes data, making it simple for anyone,...
While Segment has standardized real-time, vendor-neutral customer event collection, no platform is a perfect fit for everyone. Now there's an alternative.
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Cut through Google Analytics with free, weekly emails

Cut through the clutter of Google Analytics with AI powered, free, weekly emails.

Get key predictions, analysis and highlights on your web traffic from Archie, The AI Data Scientist. Save time and make better decisions.

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TL;DR: Here's the link for an app that does it for you. I spend a lot of my time working with Google Analytics. I measure visitors of an e-commerce website that sells prints, a community blog, a Kickstarter page for when my campaign was live and multiple web properties owned by the start up I co-fouded.
Articles from the team behind Archie.AI.
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