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5 alternative and related products to Insightful by Talentful

Insightful by Talentful
A personality based job seeking platform
A new approach to job searching that will help people find more fulfillment in their careers.
5 Alternatives to Insightful by Talentful

Match your personality with a potential job opportunity

We have all been in a situation where you are considering changing jobs but you wonder whether your new role and employer will fit you. Usually only time will tell but PersonalityMatch allows you to check your personality for a fit.

The way it works is simple: just copy over the description of the vacancy, a description of the organisation for which this vacancy is an open position and write something about yourself. When writing about yourself, be sincere and give a general description of yourself, you should explicitly not write it towards the vacancy or organisation - so don't write a motivation letter!

The way PersonalityMatch works is that it will derive your personality from the text and will match it against the values and interests expressed by the organisation and in the vacancy. You can usually just copy these over from any LinkedIn job posting or similar.

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If you'd ask me, one the most compelling fields in language processing is that of authorship profiling. In this field, we try to derive specific information about an (unknown) author of text based on what he or she writes alone, using a principle called stylometry.
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Simple web app designed to help users with career decisions

Salmondo is a simple web app designed to help young people discover more about their personality, strengths and interests, find majors and careers that fit their personalities and support them on the way to achieving their goals.

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