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Make charts & infographics that people love

Infogram is a data visualization company that helps people create charts, infographics, maps and reports.

9 alternative and related products to Infogram


Infographic maker based on visual language

Adioma creates information graphics out of your textual data, using timelines, grids and icons. Made by designers, it takes your information and automatically follows the rules of information design to present it clearly, and beautifully.

Shimone Samuel- Product Manager
Text-based flowchart creation. Steep price but powerful, flexible and most importantly - generated by text and tab spaces.
Anna Vital talks with John Furrier at Girls in Tech, Amplify Women's Pitch Night in San Francisco, Ca. #AMPLIFY #theCUBE
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Visme for Infographics

Create infographics in minutes from ready-made blocks.

Payman Taei- Founder, Visme
You can create as Presentation when you create the Ebook; and each slide will be in essence a page. If you want it to be online ebook; then you can add all interactivity you want. Or static so it can be also downloaded as PDF. Visme was used to create our own eBook in this case for infographics. You can check it out here:… See more
Think of it as a marriage between key features of a presentation tool married with common design features to help you create a variety of visual content be it a Presentation, an Infographic, reports, and even social and web graphics.
6 Alternatives to Visme for Infographics

Reflect Studio v2

Create beautiful, interactive charts without writing code

Reflect Studio v2 is the easiest way for product teams to build a beautiful, interactive data product without having to write a ton of custom code. Its all kinds of awesome.

Reflect Blog
We're excited to announce Reflect Studio Version 2.0 (v2), an authoring tool that lets you create beautiful, interactive data visualizations without writing code. Two years ago, Reflect launched a mostly code-based data visualization platform and APIs aimed at software developers building analytics and reporting into their software products.
6 Alternatives to Reflect Studio v2

The Visualization Universe

Catalog of all chart types and tools to build them

All chart types and tools in a single visualization ranked by popularity and rise in popularity. This catalogue explains the meaning of each chart and the tools that make them. You can use it to look up their meaning when you visualize your data or stories.

Search interest data is updated daily.

What does an information designer with access to Google Trend data do? Make a data viz about data viz. At least, that's what the designer Anna Vital did. Her interactive graphic, called The Visualization Universe, uses 10,000 data points to show how different types of charts have varied in popularity over the past 12 months, based on how many people searched… See more
Our latest Google News Lab's visualization ( see the entire series and read about them ) is pretty meta-referential: Designer Anna Vital ...
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What's the best image editing app for social media?

Kesava MandigaCurious cat. Writer. Explorer.
Visage - Become a better data storyteller
"A design tool that makes visual content creation easy and beautiful."
BeFunky - Your funky photo editor and collage maker
"Closer to a full photo editor that lives in your browser. The editor is still really easy to use, but it has features like cropping, red-ey… See more

What's a good data visualization software?

Elise GrahamHead of Product Design | Olivia AI
Periscope - Pro tools for SQL analysts
"We use Periscope at Product Hunt to monitor and visualize everything from high-level metrics to project-specific a/b test results. While f… See more
Infogram - Make charts & infographics that people love
"I find this tool very easy to use with an extraordinary quality output. Premium version is definitely better but you could have great resul… See more

What do you think is the best service for creating infographics?

Semyon GleimCEO Paymon, we make the world more free
Infogram - Make charts & infographics that people love
"I would recommend you to try Infogram if you want to communicate data and complex ideas in your infographic."
Canva - Amazingly simple graphic design
"I like canva, easy to use for someone without a design background, great interface and quite affordable." - Easy to use Infographics creator
"They have a pretty wide range of infographics collection. Good luck! :)"
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