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13 alternative and related products to Influent

An immersive 3D language learning video game
If you're learning a new language, Influent makes the process of vocabulary acquisition and pronunciation a fun and engaging process by gamifying a traditionally rote process. Influent features ~500 words with native audio recordings in 18 different languages!
13 Alternatives to Influent

LLN is a chrome extension that gives you superpowers over Netflix.

It makes studying languages with films/series more effective and enjoyable.

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The Verge
"Language Learning with Netflix" is a Chrome extension that lets you watch shows with two subtitles on at the same time. It's a clever service that makes use of Netflix's massive catalog and all of the major languages in which it already offers subtitles.
13 Alternatives to Language Learning with Netflix

Effortless, visual language learning.

Word by word, Drops helps you learn new vocabulary through fun, fast-paced games with simple mnemonic images.

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iOS: When you're trying to learn a new language (or any other skill), it's often better to study in small, frequent chunks. Drops limits your learning time to just 5 minutes of vocabulary building gameplay a day. Learning new languages is a natural instinct for children, and yet it becomes more difficult as we...
An application that only lets you learn a new language for 5 minutes each day.
35 Alternatives to Language Drops

Langliter is a news and eBook reader for advanced language learners. It uses natural language processing to enrich all content. Highlight words based on their grammar, underline all the words you're studying and do everything on or offline. Supports Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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Over three years ago I began work on an app that would eventually become Langliter. I needed a smarter way to build my Spanish vocabulary in a limited amount of time each day. Like many long-term language learners, I had reached a point in my studies where I was too advanced for most popular apps, but still a long way away from claiming advanced proficiency.
10 Alternatives to Langliter

Linguistic is the fastest way to grow your understanding of a foreign language through real conversation. Intelligently match with new language partners every week, then have our system automatically infer your proficiency using NLP!

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Blog | Linguistic
Most of the world, at some point, has tried to learn a foreign language. In fact, nearly every single person I know has, including myself. Within the past ten years I've tried studying Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean. Now, would I call myself quadrilingual? Absolutely not.
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6 Alternatives to Linguistic

Backpack is a 3D language learning game. Master a new language by listening to conversations crowdsourced from the Backpack community! 👥

Explore a virtual world and practice:

- Asking a barista for the Wi-fi password 💻

- Buying watermelon from a fruit vendor 🍉

- Ordering food at a restaurant 🍽️

And more!

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Backpack Language Learning
Today I'm launching Backpack, a 3D game where you can learn a language while exploring a virtual world 🌎 I built Backpack because language learning companies still haven't taken advantage of 3D gaming and virtual reality. After waiting years for someone to build something like this, I decided to go ahead and make it myself!
9 Alternatives to Backpack Language Learning

Ulangi is an open-source project built for self-learners who want to learn languages with ease and fun. It currently supports learning 25 languages and consists of over 20 features, such as spaced repetition, writing, mini-games, built-in dictionary and more.

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The answer is Yes and No. Yes: Similar to Anki , Ulangi is for users to manage, learn and memorize vocabulary. Both apps have Spaced Repetition learning technique. Because Ulangi focuses on learning vocabulary only, it also has other features to make learning experience better, such as Quiz mode, built-in dictionary and translation.
Have you ever come across a word multiple times while reading books but you still don't remember what it means? This happened to me a lot and I believe it also happened to you. At that time, I started to find a way to efficiently memorize the words.
10 Alternatives to Ulangi - Language Flashcards
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