Alternative products to Indiegogo iOS app

7 alternative and related products to Indiegogo iOS app

Indiegogo iOS app

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7 Alternatives to Indiegogo iOS app

Community-owned Fundraising Platform

Neufund is a community-owned fundraising platform. It bridges blockchain and venture capital, enabling ICOs for on- and off-chain companies.

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Typically, start-ups can raise funds directly from investors in initial coin offerings (ICOs). These do not represent equity in a company, but give access to a service or product. Companies raising funds in ICOs are in the blockchain space, which started as a digital ledger of transactions that underpinned crypto-currency bitcoin.
Neufund, a Blockchain equity platform from Berlin, has managed to raise more than $11 mln so far and is announcing one more funding round today. Zoe Adamovicz, Neufund's co-founder and CEO has shared the platform success story, her views on the current market and tips for ICO enthusiasts.
The amendments passed by the State of Delaware to the General Corporation Law (known as the DGCL) are the first tangible product of the well-known Delaware Blockchain Initiative (DBI or Initiative). This is just one step in a multi-milestone project engaged by the State of Delaware through the Delaware Secretary of State's Global Delaware arm, in order to ma… See more
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Crowdfunding platform built on the blockchain

WHIRL is more than blockchain + crowdfunding + snappy name. It’s a fundamental reimagining of what crowdfunding can be, shaped by blockchain tech and informed by the many limitations of existing platforms.

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