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Inclick Track alternatives and competitors

Inclick Track helps you understand how your brand is performing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube and lets you compare it with your competitors. It's Search and Campaign Tracking features can help creators and planners find interesting content. Inclick Track can help you in understanding your competitor's strategy and improving your own.

Top Inclick Track alternatives
Work side-by-side, even when you’re not in the same room
  • Competitors App is a competitor monitoring solution for tracking the marketing strategies of other businesses in the industry. The cloud-based app monitors emails, newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, website changes, SEO strategies, keywords, and ads
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  • Popsters is a simple to use analytics tool for social media. It helps to compare engagement of different posts and statistics of activity, make quick reports for any social media pages you want (even you don't have special permissions to the page).

    Tool gives data about best time of posting, efficiency by post formats and export to PPTX and PDF.

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    I don't necessarily think they can compete with twitter analytics, but the Instagram

    stats gave me some great ideas. It's too many sites that…

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  • Email Insights

    See and track your competitors' email
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  • Squirrly SPY

    Squirrly SPY helps you expose your competitors’ best-kept secrets in terms of ranking strategy, keywords, content, and website architecture.

    📊 Critical data you need to outrank your competition - at your fingertips .
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  • Social Status

    Automate your social media reporting
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  • Reportei is a fast and easy to use digital marketing reporting tool. The software connects Social Media as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube as well as PPC like Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
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  • What if knowing who's looking at your competitors right now was as easy as asking a chatbot? LeadBot does that. Get a glimpse at intent data, all in a chatbot. No pitch slap.
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  • Boolu

    5.0★1 review
    Free options
    See your social media stats, all in one place ⚡️
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  • VideoAmigo's Vital Statistics is for Brands, Agencies, Creators, and Fans!

    Brands/agencies: get unbiased, quantitative data on tens of millions of influencers.

    Creators/fans: put any YouTube channel in perspective by seeing it compared to others in the same content category.

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  • Benchmark instantly reveals how you’re actually performing and why.


    It analyzes social data - including your brands, products, influencers, sentiment, or even audience demographics - and compares an instant historical average.

    Plus, you can benchmark that data against your competitors to truly measure performance.

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    Great starting steps into Brandwatch - give it a go!

  • yatta! is the best way to get aware your audience's habits on Twitter. Find what time of the day your tweets get more attention.
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  • GOAL

    GOAL creates the perfect social media advertising through data driven metrics to increase ROI. The tech analyses not just the metrics, but uses Ai to analyse the imagery of ad creative, letting you know what works best so we can create the perfect ad for your industry.

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  • Zoomph

    Zoomph is a new and easy way for teams, brand and agencies to truly organize & measure all social media. Goodbye spreadsheets and manual tagging.
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  • Listen to, learn from, and champion your product's users no matter where they congregate online. Nurture your community and elevate their voices so that you can make social-data-driven decisions and unlock network effects.
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  • Creww Coins

    Creww Coins is marketing tool to capitalize your team's social media reach. Automatically spread word about your product, features, deals and job postings. And, reward your employees with Creww Coins which they can redeem as Amazon Credits, Paytm Balance or Paypal credit.

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  • Heat Sync

    Track and compare any website, your own and your competition
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  • Unmetric

    Social Media BenchMarking
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