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Inboxer alternatives and competitors

Inboxer — is an unofficial Inbox by Gmail client for desktop platforms. It's built on top of Inbox by Gmail web-version, has pleasant UI and supports useful keyboard shortcuts.

Top Inboxer alternatives
Monitor, debug and test real-world CX flows in minutes
  • Polymail is a simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac and iOS. With real-time read-receipts, personalized campaigns, follow-up reminders, contact profiles, and even Salesforce integrations all wrapped in a beautiful UI, Polymail makes your morning email grind effortless.

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  • A browser made precisely for your apps.
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    If this was a free app or $5 it would be quite good but at $47 this is crazy.

  • Debut Inbox is a new hub for newsletters, similar to the many apps that exist for finding and listening to podcasts. Discover your favorite newsletters, subscribe with one click and enjoy guaranteed delivery. From dynamic updates and previews to native video, the possibilities for newsletters are no longer limited.

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    Been using this app for a while and it's my go-to for news. I cleared out my email inbox of all my newsletters and instead funnel them throu…

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