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Inbox by Google

Next generation inbox

20 alternative and related products to Inbox by Google

Polymail iOS

Simple, beautiful, powerful email for iOS

Thanasis- UI/UX @travelplanet24 @airtickets_gr
The best iOS mail app by far!
Hemanth G- CEO, Wipadika Innovations
Simple Clean UI, Works beautifully. Mail Tracking and Scheduling are features you will find handy.
Arun Sathiya- Marketing, Freshworks
Polymail on Mac is pure gold with read receipts and archiver. Fast and easy to use for multiaccount users.
Brandon Foo- Co-founder @PolymailApp
Hi everyone! Thanks to @nivo0o0 and the Product Hunt team - and thanks to the Product Hunt community for your amazing support in making Polymail OS X Mac App of the Year and the 3rd most upvoted product on Product Hunt! We started Polymail with the vision of creating the most beautiful and powerful email experience across… See more
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Artificial intelligence-powered email.

Joe Belsterling- CEO, MajorClarity
Seamless to use and HUGE time saver with managing unimportant emails (also tracks unanswered questions/threads).
Abhilash Jain- Product Marketing / Growth
This will help you get the job done. I've been using it for quite sometime now, it tracks conversations in a real simple way so you don't have to hunt for threads.
Nik Sudan- Game & Systems Developer
You're able to archive multiple emails you're not likely to read, which saves a lot of inbox management. The generated user profiles with statistics are pretty nice too.
Karl Tiedemann- Product Design, Notion AI
As an overview, the Notion email app is designed to solve email overload and improve your communications and relationships. It uses AI that trains on your email history and current behavior to build an understanding of the people and email that is important to you so it can give you a better experience. Some Key features: ✓ Unified Inbox ✓ Focus-based Inbox… See more
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A smart, fast and free email client for iPhone

Shivam Dewan- Co-founder @Pecul, UX researcher.
In love with its UI and email organization system
Shivam Dewan- Co-founder @Pecul, UX researcher.
Simple, Intuitive and fast!
Aswin Bakshi- Founder, Bordo
One of the best client only available on mac and iOS devices
Denys Zhadanov- VP of Marketing at Readdle
Hello guys! Thank you for warm words and support. We'be been working on this for the last 18 months. I hope Spark will be on your home screen. Also, please note that this is just version 1.0 and we have a long list of things to add and improve. Mac + iPad are also coming a bit later.
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Spark by Readdle

Fast, smart and beautiful email client for iOS

Marco Rodrigues- UI Designer
Spark can handle email aliases, multiple accounts and has a fairly standard inbox switching. plus plenty of must-have features for most people. Spark is also available for both iOS and macOS.
Marc Cooling
Beautiful, functional, light and native apps across iOS, macOS and watchOS
Joe Dempsey- Product Manager
functionally rich, good UX
Denys Zhadanov- VP of Marketing at Readdle
Thank you guys for all the nice words! I'm super excited for the whole team behind Spark that we finally managed to crete a truly universal email client for iOS. I might be slightly biased, but I do believe that it provides the best email experience and solves the problem of overwhelmed inbox that all of us have. Well, Apple thinks so too that's why Spark go… See more
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Front for iOS

The first inbox for teams

Mathilde Collin- CEO, Frontapp
Hi, Product Hunters! I’m the co-founder and CEO of Front and I'm super excited to share our new iOS app with the Product Hunt community! 3 years ago, we started Front with the vision of creating the first inbox for teams. Today we’re bringing this vision to the mobile world, where most email clients are still single player tools. The app is packed with all … See more
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Morning Mail

A new way to manage your mail. Tinder for email.

Andrey Usoltsev- Dsgnr, co-founder Prisma, Morning Mail
Hey, Product Hunters! Morning Mail is a very outstanding email app. It's made for people who always want to keep their inbox clean. Morning Mail separates new emails from other mail. It represents new emails as cards which can easily be sorted out with simple gestures, one at a time. Have fun, be more productive and always have your inbox clean with Morn… See more
7 Alternatives to Morning Mail
Alexis Roizen- Co-Founder, Design Executive Officer
Hi Product Hunt! Alexis here, co-founder and chief design officer of Turing Cloud. Along with my co-founder and CEO/CTO @macgregordennis, we’re launching our new cloud of productivity tools with an amazing innovation to email: the Opt-Inbox. EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU Just for you Product Hunters, we’d like to offer an exclusive pricing deal: 1. *15% off any ti… See more
3 Alternatives to Turing Cloud with Opt-Inbox

MailTime 2.0

Go through your email as fast and easy as text-messaging

Corey Breier- Agent at Invisible Technologies
Just wanted to add a fun anecdote here - my mother was talking about me recently with her mom friends, and it turned out one of them already used MailTime 1.0! She was upset with her email and asked her son to 'Make it look like texting', so he found our app. Given how often my mom hands me the phone with obtuse commands like "Make it connect to the car aga… See more
6 Alternatives to MailTime 2.0

Alto Mail

The new email client by AOL

Dean Brady- Director of Digital Development - AbbVie
Great on mobile and web client is great if you have multiple email accounts you are managing.
Sumeet Chawla- Founder -
It's the best mail client for non-gmail app based mail accounts :) Works very well with Zoho as well
Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
Works with almost all email providers. My goto email client for Android, and they have an iOS app too.
1 Alternatives to Alto Mail
Martin Stoyanov
Thanks Dan for hunting our product! We are very excited to release Filtr app. This product came to life because everyone on the team was very frustrated with the way our e-mail works, pushing us non-stop notifications and distracting us in the process, thus decreasing our productivity throughout the day. We believe that not all e-mails are created equal, a… See more
5 Alternatives to Filtr

What is the best email app for iOS?

Ben TossellPartner
Inbox by Google - Next generation inbox
"I've fully converted to using inbox on my phone and web now. Super easy to sort your inbox from your phone and solid automatic response rec… See more
Polymail iOS - Simple, beautiful, powerful email for iOS
"The best iOS mail app by far!"
Microsoft Outlook for iOS - Official Microsoft Outlook app designed for iPhone and iPad
"Haters gonna hate, but it's really good. Swipe actions. Integrated calendar. Integrated web storage (from Emails, Google Drive, Dropbox, or… See more

What is the best tool for achieving #inboxzero ?

Inbox by Google - Next generation inbox
"The way it shows your emails as todos makes it compelling enough to work your way to reach inbox zero."
Spark for Mac - Beautiful and intelligent email app
"Complete and very powerful"
Polymail - A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac
""Make email work for you""

What is the best app for reading and organizing all of your newsletter subscriptions?

Hyder AlabedDisney Accelerator analyst
Unroll.Me for iOS - Unsubscribe from emails with a single swipe
"Definitely take a look at You can add all of your newsletter subscriptions to your "roll up" and then get them all in a single e… See more
Inbox by Google - Next generation inbox
"Been using Inbox since I got to try the beta, haven't moved since. It's super simple and intuitive and makes the best out of your mail. As … See more

Looking for the one tool to rule them (to do, calendar, time,...) all

Samuel PavinChief Hustling Officer - Freelance
Inbox by Google - Next generation inbox
"Inbox is great for managing todos, email, calendars, give it a try."
Freeter 1.0 - Switch between tasks and projects like a superhero
"I made Freeter to access all things from one place. Here is a quick article to give you an idea of how it works:… See more
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