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Inbox by Gmail Chrome Extension

Inbox by Gmail Chrome Extension alternatives and competitors

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Save links for later and share with one click

Top alternatives for Inbox by Gmail Chrome Extension

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  • Best of Chrome

    Best of Chrome is a site dedicated to showcasing the best chrome extensions in one place. Instant search makes it easy and fast to find the extension that you are really looking for. Browse top, new and popular extensions today and make your Chrome browser better today!

  • Pocket for Web

    Save things for later with Pocket, refreshed with a new look
  • Save to Facebook

    Add any page to your Facebook Saved list (Chrome Extension)
  • LinkBin

    Free options
    LinkBin is an app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS that allows temporary storage of links. Saving links is dead simple and you can automate everything with Apple's Shortcuts app.
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  • Patchwork

    Patchwork is the fastest way to share what you're reading online. Highlight text, click on Patchwork, and share without leaving the page.
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  • Lookmark 2

    A smart way to save iTunes content for later. Apps, movies, music and more - all can be lookmarked!

    Save Data

    Don’t waste your data by downloading content over a cellular network. Lookmark notifies you when Wi-Fi is available.

    On the Desktop

    The Lookmark browser extension lets you lookmark content from web pages on your computer.

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  • Stash List

    Free options
    Stash is an extension that lets you save your favorite links to your phone directly from any app, in a list only you can see. Keep track of pictures, videos, links you find or items you want.
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  • SnipHero for Gmail

    Inject the internet beautifully into your emails
  • linkstore.app

    1 review
    Anonymously store and organize links to your favourite online content with linkstore.app. A single passphrase gives you access to your collection from any browser on any device.
    No personal data is ever collected so your saved links will always be anonymous.

    good service for accessing links on public computers without logging in and exposing your password.

  • Exty Switchy

    Exty Switchy is a chrome extension which helps users to control other chrome extensions from one place.

    - Fast Search Feature.

    - Turn off and delete extensions easily.

    - Only Turn on the ones you use.

  • Esgy

    Esgy lets you set simple email reminders for links you'd like to see again right from your address bar. No browser extensions required.

    To set an email reminder for a link, type es.gy/ in front of the URL in the address bar like:


    and hit enter, thats it!

    Esgy will email you the link(s) a week later.

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  • Flub

    Flub (for Fan Club) is a web application that allows you to offer your visitors a single page to list all your links (social networks, community links). It's free, fast, and intuitive!
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  • lnk

    Quickly save links using your terminal for later
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  • Gmail Classic Theme

    What Google giveth, Google taketh away. Google has recently forced a UI update upon the users of Gmail. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks it's an improvement. Installing this extension will revert the UI of Gmail to the previous "Classic" theme. The theme is based on the actual CSS from the previous UI and makes no additions or subjective changes.

  • notica

    Never forget content you want to watch later anymore.
    It's an easy way to save content in notifications.
    β€’ Save what you need, fast
    β€’ Be constantly reminded
    β€’ Beautifully designed
    β€’ Easy to use interface
    β€’ No unnecessary or complex features
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