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13 alternative and related products to Impact Health

Impact Health
The simplest way to get health insurance
13 Alternatives to Impact Health

Now with Places, a new Moves replacement

Gyroscope 2.0 introduces our new Places tracking, a better replacement for the Moves integration.

• New Places tracking feature for detecting visits & travels

• New tool to import your Moves export

• New analytics & zoomable maps

• New Pro features like Passport & City Heatmap

• New detailed view for any day in your history

Nick Abouzeid
Nick Abouzeid- Partner @ Shrug Capital
Love seeing my year's travel history artfully designed into one beautiful map.
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Cost-efficient, reliable transportation for patients

Uber has launched a new service that will allow hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other health care organizations to order and schedule car rides for patients. Uber is not charging a fee to use the service. The health care providers only have to pay for the ride.

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Uber's launching a new business line called Uber Health on Thursday that will provide a ride-hailing platform available specifically to healthcare providers, letting clinics, hospitals, rehab centers and more easily assign rides for their patients and clients from a centralized dashboard - without requiring that the rider even have the Uber app, or a smartph… See more
The Atlantic
The ride-sharing company is launching a service that allows doctors to hail cars for their patients. The ride-sharing company Uber is launching a new service that will allow hospitals and doctors to book rides for their patients.
Companies can use Uber to schedule car rides for patients.
Uber Heath will partner with health care providers, who will be able to schedule rides for patients using a special digital platform. The providers cover the cost of the rides. The digital dashboard, which adheres to the federal privacy law HIPPA, lets doctors alert patients to their rides via SMS messages or by printing out a piece of paper.
Uber's launching a new business line called Uber Health on Thursday that will provide a ride-hailing platform available specifically to healthcare providers, letting clinics, hospitals, rehab centers and more easily assign rides for their patients and clients from a centralized dashboard - without requiring that the rider even have the Uber app, or a smartph… See more
Business Insider
Uber has announced Uber Health, a service that lets healthcare companies book rides for patients. It's not a replacement for ambulances, but instead a way for patients to get to and from their scheduled appointments. It's been in testing since July 2017, and is now launching across the US.
Editor's Note: Last year, Uber ran a pilot program called ealth in four U.S. cities, making flu care packages and the option to receive a flu shot available on-demand through the Uber platform.
9 Alternatives to Uber Health

Global health insurance for digital nomads

Our first product is a travel medical insurance made for digital nomads. It's $37 / month. (4 weeks) for worldwide coverage ($30 add-on for US, since US healthcare is much more expensive.) Only works when you’re outside your home-country (although there is 30 days home country coverage every 3 months so you can visit home, 15 for U.S. residents). Covers hospital, doctor, prescription, etc.

8 Alternatives to Safety Wing

A digital retirement plan that works like a pension

The Personal Pension is a retirement paycheck that is guaranteed to come every month in retirement and lasts as long as you’re alive. We think retirement right now is too darn complicated and too DIY — and that’s not the way it used to be. We’re reinventing the annuity market so it’s (1) digital (2) simpler (3) easier and (4) better for consumers.

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Let's talk about the insanity of retirement planning that we find ourselves in in 2018. Those retiring today can expect to live (on average) into their mid-80s, and 1 in 4 will live past 95.¹ In the late 1990s, 50% of employers offered pensions to new employees.
Matt Carey studied Arabic at the University of Pennsylvania, preparing for what he hoped would be a career at the Central Intelligence Agency. Eleven years later, he's pitching annuity contracts. He's actually happy about that. A summer job at the State Department persuaded him that government service wasn't as exciting as he first thought.
11 Alternatives to Blueprint Income

Help your users financially protect their loved ones

Haven Life is an online life insurance agency committed to making buying term life insurance actually simple. Our API can be integrated into your site or app in a few minutes by entering a few lines of code and embedding an optimized quote tool. For those seeking a customized integration, the REST API allows for more flexibility in user experience.

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When each of my kids turned three years old, I felt like the chaos that had settled into my life finally began to wane. I had a sense that our family had crossed a desert of experience to find that...
Haven Life, an insurance subsidiary of MassMutual, today announced that it's expanding its medically underwritten Haven Term policy to non-U.S. citizens and individuals with chronic illnesses. The unique application process employs artificial intelligence to match applicants with plan options.
"Our team has dedicated several years of hard work to building an industry-leading technology stack that supports a fully digital term life insurance application process," said John Latona, General Manager of Haven Life. "Life insurance is a critical part of most people's financial plans -- yet it's very challenging to offer online.
6 Alternatives to Haven Life API for Term Life Insurance

It’s not just easier life insurance, its an easier life.

Haven Life Plus provides policyholders with benefits that help them live healthier, fuller and more protected lives. This innovative rider gives customers access to no-cost or discounted services including an online will provider, a digital safe deposit box, and family health clinic services.

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NEW YORK, Aug. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A new offering unveiled today by online life insurance agency Haven Life provides customers with benefits beyond life insurance coverage. Haven Life Plus is an innovative rider to the Haven Term life insurance policy that helps policyholders live healthier, fuller and more protected lives.
Haven Life insurance company found almost half of millennials don't have life insurance. Yaron Ben-Zvi, CEO and co-founder of Haven Life, explains the need and the "me to we" moment.
Haven Term policyholders now have access to an online will service, a digital safe deposit box, an at-home DNA test and health report, and CVS MinuteClinic health service offerings. // (Image source: Haven Life Plus webpage.)
The Economist
PEOPLE only contact their insurers when things go wrong and they need to make a claim. This generally means losses for the insurer. It also means stress and hassle for the customer. In order to mitigate both problems, insurers increasingly offer extra services alongside their bog-standard policies.
3 Alternatives to Haven Life Plus

Fix your brain fog + gut with functional medicine

Hey guys I stumbled upon Parsley recently when I was looking closer into my own health and brain function! They're totally ahead of the game when it comes to finding the root cause of a disease, testing with the latest tech (something I wish I could say about my family doctor too 😬), having cutting-edge healthcare knowledge and flexibility.

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Parsley Health
Once a week we hear from real Parsley Health members, in their own words, about how working with us has changed their lives. This week we're talking to Adam, a 29-year-old cellerman from Newburgh, New York.
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