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7 alternative and related products to Imagga


Image recognition platform-as-a-service

7 Alternatives to Imagga

AI powered product tagging tool

VueTag allows anyone who sells apparel online to automatically enrich product metadata. Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning, VueTag automatically extracts product attributes from product images. These attributes (or tags) can then be reviewed, corrected (if needed), and exported, and used to improve product discoverability.

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On Monday of this week I jokingly tweeted that I decided to build a "Off-White" inspired camera web app / object classifier using IBM Watson's image recognition software. If you aren't hip to the joke, "Off-White" is a fashion brand and they like to sell items which are labeled in "HELVETICA BOLD." Turns out it works well as a exploration tool too.

4 Alternatives to "CAMERA"
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