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15 alternative and related products to IKON Pass

Season pass to the best mountains in the U.S.

IKON Pass gets you access to 26 of the best mountains in the US for $899.

15 Alternatives to IKON Pass

We want to find the world's best stadium experiences.

Stadialist aims to curate the world's best stadium and football experiences. For those who are frequent stadium hoppers or those interested in checking out a stadium further afield, we want to cover the matchday experience as best as possible.

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Recently, I left my job to pursue ...well, the unknown. Freelance life and whatever 'fate' brings. What even is 'fate'? We'll see. In the meantime, I've decided on a brief period of vacation.
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Purchase tickets to your favorite events with no hidden fees

Currently featured in the iOS app store's New Apps We Love, TickPick 4.0 has arrived! Complete rebuild using React Native (<3). Highlights:

- A revamped homepage experience

- Brand new way to track events

- Updates to our deal score factoring in personal preference

- A focus on your day of event experience

And much more!

Rating and price
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Unlimited ticket subscription to live events 🇺🇸🎟️

Hi, I'm SZNPASS! 😻
An unlimited last-minute ticket subscription to live events (i.e., sporting events, concerts, shows). For $59/month, our subscribers can explore everything their city has to offer!

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Find the perfect surf trip for you. 👨‍💻🛫🏖🏄‍♂️❤️

Surf Trip List helps you find the perfect surf trip for you, book flights and book accommodations all in one place. 👨‍💻🛫🏖🏄‍♂️❤️

I built it in 7 days without code. 🙃⛵️

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Indie Hackers
"Where should I take my 11 year old son on a surf trip?" That question turned into a startup (Can I call it a startup? Sure. I'm calling it that. 🙂) in 7 days. Here's how the final product, Surf Trip List, works. And here's the story of how I built it.
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The app to plan, enjoy and share your mountain activities

Whympr is mountain and outdoor social app which allows you to find all the information you to do your mountain activity (trekking, climbing, mountaineering, ski touring).

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Le Messager
Fondée par deux cousins originaires de Chamonix, l'application Whympr a pour volonté de centraliser toutes les informations disponibles sur les activités de plein air en montagne dans une seule et même application. Lancée il y a environ 2 ans, l'application Whympr connaît des débuts prometteurs.
Onze entrepreneurs ont été retenus pour intégrer l'incubateur d'Outdoor Sports Valley. Cette année, 49 candidats souhaitant intégrer AnnecyBase Camp se sont manifestés.Onze d'entre eux ont été finalement retenus pour intégrer l'incubateur d'Outdoor Sports Valley. La troisième promotion de l'incubateur d'Annecy Base Camp a attiré 49 candidats (7 de plus que l… See more
Voilà une application qui va plaire aux montagnards !Deux jeunes Chamoniards viennent de développer une application téléphone qui répertorie les itinéraires de montagne. Images, descriptions et niveau de difficulté... Elle permet de planifier ses courses afin de partir à l'assaut d'un sommet.Et cette application porte le nom d'un grand alpiniste.
Montagnes Magazine : actu montagne, topo et test de matériel d'alpinisme, ski rando et de randonnée
Cette année, quatre projets ont été récompensés par le Cluster Montagne : un système de sécurisation des professionnels chargés du déclenchement préventif des avalanches (V-M-A), le site de mise en relation des accompagnateurs de moyenne montagne avec les pratiquants Randoportail, un système de paiement cashless (Izipay) qui a fait l'objet d'une mention spéc… See more
Terre d'aventure, la vallée de Chamonix compte depuis juin 2017 des aventuriers d'un nouveau genre. Tim MacLean et Xavier Bougouin ont en effet créé ...
The idea of Whympr is to help young people who love the mountain to prepare, enjoy and share their mountain trip. This app is named after the great mountaineer Edouard Whymper, the first man to climb the Matterhorn (12th highest peak in the Alps).
Salut Tim, peux-tu nous expliquer la genèse du projet Whympr et pourquoi s'être lancé dans cette aventure ? Avec Xavier, mon cousin, nous sommes d'origine chamoniarde et passionnés de montagne. Nos parcours professionnels nous ont éloigné de la vallée.
objectif montagne
Whympr is an easy-to-use and ergonomic application with several thousand routes to manage our mountain trips. Ergonomic, 5 buttons provide access to: list recent outings display an IGN (or 3D) map with culmen, passes, cliffs ... add a new output look for a route / summit manage your profile Really interesting, the ability to manage his wishes list.
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Our goal is to provide the next generation of sunshade. One that solves the common flaws of everyday sun shelters and removes the stress. We pride ourselves in offering the most convenient, easy to use, sun safe and undoubtably stylish sunshade. One that you will be eager to take out of your cupboard and onto your next adventure.

14 Alternatives to Pyramid Shades
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