Alternative products to IKEA VR Experince

5 alternative and related products to IKEA VR Experince

IKEA VR Experince
Explore and interact with an IKEA Kitchen in Virtual Reality
5 Alternatives to IKEA VR Experince

SmartDesk 3: the world's first AI-powered height adjustable standing desk. Your new executive assistant that combats burnout, improves your health and enhances your productivity. Order it now for $599.

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We've all heard the phrase work smarter, not harder. Smart desks are now making it easy. Created by technology company Autonomous, the 'Smart Desk 3' can organize your tasks and learn your habits to help streamline the menial tasks that clog up your workday.
I first encountered a guy standing at his desk several decades ago, when I was a fresh-faced attorney at Disney. One of my colleagues had ordered a lectern to do his contract drafting, and he said it was for health reasons, sitting for a long time was simply too painful.
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The most realistic VR experience to date

Nefertari: Journey to Eternity, is our feature VR release and is an absolutely stunning look into ancient Egyptians' journey towards the afterlife. The tomb is scanned with millimeter accuracy to create one of the most hyper-realistic VR experiences around. Check it out along with other 360 videos and VR experiences, from CuriosityStream.

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BOOM! The time has come! Do enjoy! So happy to see this project out in the wild! This is actually the first time a project we've been a part of has made it to steam, so we are really delighted about that!
See the universe in VR and 360º and explore places you never imagined you could experience. Dive into volcanos, traverse the surface of Pluto, and immerse yourself in more 360º adventures with CuriosityStream.
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Useful collaboration in Virtual Reality

Dream makes it possible to meet and collaborate in virtual reality. Have a remote stand up, present a PDF, conduct a design review with people around the world, or simply watch YouTube together.

Dream decouples where you work from where you live, and is now available for free on in early access on the Oculus Store.

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We're excited to announce today that we've released Dream 1.0, bringing Dream out from Early Access on both Steam and Oculus! This update introduces new environments, features, and numerous improvements. Dream 1.0 is now available for free on Oculus or Steam. With the 1.0 update we've introduced two new environments that you can choose for your Dream Team.
Say Cheese! Today we're launching the Dream Cam, which lets you open up a navigable virtual camera that works with any web site that supports a webcam and mic. Try it out for yourself, Dream is available for free on Oculus or Steam.
Hello World, Today, we are releasing Dream after nearly 3 years of development! Dream makes it possible to meet and collaborate in virtual reality unlike anything else. Have a remote stand up with your team using Trello, or present a PDF from your Google Drive or Dropbox.
The company Dream is named appropriately. For three years, it has been working on an online collaboration tool that enables people to view web sites on the Chrome browser in virtual reality. It's like the operating system for virtual reality, and it is available for free on the Oculus Store.
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Virtual walkthroughs for real estate brokers

Send Reality creates virtual walkthroughs for real estate. The next time you shop for a house, apartment, or vacation rental, you’ll be able to walk through the property as if you were there in person, from the comfort of your seat.

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The fields of computer vision and VR are difficult. But a new company, Send Reality, is entering the race. The Y Combinator-backed company is looking to offer full 3D-modeling for virtual walkthroughs of real estate listings. Founder and CEO Andrew Chen said he was the kid back in middle school and...
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