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IGdm Pro
Instagram Direct messages on your laptop with more features
IGdm Pro is a paid extended version of IGdm packed with even more features. It offers the following abilities:
1. Sign in with multiple accounts
2. Delete Conversations
3. Unsend messages
4. Quick Replies
5. Dark theme
4 Alternatives to IGdm Pro

Unofficial Instagram desktop client build with Electron

Kartik Sathappan
Kartik Sathappan- Product Manager / Angel Investor
lightweight, free
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is an unofficial cross-platform Instagram desktop app with support for theme customization, keyboard shortcuts, background behavior, and automatic updates. Ramme exists thanks to the seemingly almighty Electron which developers have been using to bring desktop clients to services which would have otherwise not been available for Linux.
Windows/Mac/Linux: Instagram is made to be experienced on your phone, but sometimes you'll want to take a look from you computer. Ramme does just that, offering up your Instagram feed where you can like or comment on posts.
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A beautiful Instagram client for the Mac

For Mac, I love the Flume app. Light weight desktop client. Pretty much all the features from the native app.
Daniel Marcinkowski
Daniel Marcinkowski- Content & Community Manager @ Phase
Flume is amazing. The app is updated very often. Also, you can use the license up to 5 devices.
Jason Y. Naparstek
Jason Y. Naparstek- CMO, BackupBox
Haven't personally used this in a while, but still hearing great things. Looks like they are set to release 2.8 any day now....
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Redmond Pie
Flume for Mac is an Instagram app that lets you access the popular photo sharing service natively on your computer without the need of a web browser. Almost 10 months into its release, the developer has now updated the app, releasing Flume version 2.0 with some significant new features and improvements, including support for uploading photos and videos.
Most people view their Instagram account via the official mobile app. However, you can check out your feed right from the Internet in most web browsers, and it looks pretty cool because the pictures are much bigger. Flume is a dedicated Instragam viewer for Mac that creates a lovely experience different from what you see on the official website.
OS X: Browsing Instagram on the web works well enough, but it's a fairly minimal experience and you can't post photos through your browser. Now with the newly updated desktop Instagram client Flume 2.0, you can.
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Dead simple Instagram client for Mac

I made this little status bar app to have basic Instagram experience on my Mac. I know there was a couple of very similar apps presented before but I made it more robust and polished. vu supports multiple accounts and can upload photos directly from built-in camera.

Yes, now you can take selfie on your Mac and post it to Instagram instantly. 👌🏻

Simone Wong
Simone Wong
Simple, straightforward, does its job, hassle free. By far the best Instagram client I've used :)
Boris Karulin
Boris Karulin- iOS/Mac developer
If you need basic Instagram experience on your Mac. Light, free, with multiple accounts support.
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Share your photos to instagram from your mac

instashare is a beautiful way to share your photographs directly to instagram from your mac

simply drag and drop your image to the toolbar icon and share your photograph

First person to use code 'first!' get's to enjoy the app for free! Next 5 people can use code 'ph' to get $2 off the app, afterwards you can use code 'producthunt' for $1 off.

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