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ICODrops alternatives and competitors

4 reviews

ICODrops is our view of the daily growing ICO world.

We've made 3 useful lists: Active ICOs, Next ICOs and Ended ICOs. It looks like a kanban board (Inbox, In Progress, Done) for specific people, who interest in ICOs.

Other features:

- Project Pages

- Bounty List

- Presale Information

Top alternatives for ICODrops

The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • CryptoLadder

    3 reviews

    CryptoLadder is a live ranking of over 500 cryptocurrencies — providing the quickest and easiest way for you to track how coins are performing against each other. Watch as coins move up and down the ladder in real-time!

    It's a fun app! Basically a better version of coinmarketcap.com. Best way to casually update yourself on the crypto market I've seen so far.…

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  • 500 Coins

    2 reviews
    A forever changing list of the Top 500 Cryptocurrencies

    I see value in three daily tools. The cypto tools are 500Coins, cryptovue and Bitcoin Mentor Club. http://bit.ly/HowToBuyandUseBitcoins.


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  • CryptoBot

    1 review
    Track all the latest tokens, ICOs and cryptocurrency news
  • Chia

    Chia is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency that will harness cheap and abundant unused storage space on hard drives to verify transactions on the blockchain.

  • Top ICO List

    1 review

    Top ICO List: Best initial coin offering list for 2018. Get the best ICOs (active and upcoming) in one quick listing. Top ICO list is curated and updated daily.

    Explore the best new cryptocurrency initial coin offerings (ICOs) using the active ICO, pre ICO and upcoming ICO tabs. Hottest new ICOs added daily!

    Tons of ICOS on here to go through

  • ICObench

    1 review

    ICObench is an ICO rating platform supported by investors and financial experts

    The app/desktop platform is great, straightforward no none sense info, they tell you there opinion on up coming ICO worth checking out

  • Coinvision

    8 reviews

    Coinvision is a bot specialised in delivering alerts with predictions and information about the most credible crypto coins. Coinvision bot analyses Slack and Telegram channels, Twitter and other credible sources to send alerts about credible projects and ICOs.

    I haven't done any trades based on their calls so far, but as far as I've checked most of them would be profitable (can't really say which o…

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  • Coindar

    Coindar collects events, market cap, forecasts and other useful information about 1300+ cryptocurrencies.

  • CoinMirror

    3 reviews

    1. Allow everyday users to piggyback on experienced ICO investor's knowledge.

    2. Fully automated end to end process - from token purchase, claiming to sell and receive profit back, again and again.

    3. Backers can withdraw Eth and tokens at any stage.

    4. Support multiple ICOs for each syndicate.

    5. Fully decentralized.

    angellist for icos!!!

  • CoinDesk ICO Tracker

    Comprehensive ICO funding data and visualizations
  • ICO Watchdog

    ICO Watchdog offers 100% FREE REAL-TIME CRYPTOCURRENCY ALERTS for all your favorite messaging applications .

  • ACrypto

    1 review

    ACrypto is another crypto currency app for all your trading needs. Acrypto is a Bitcoin / Altcoin price checker using which you can track the latest prices, find arbitrage opportunities, maintain portfolio, get alerts from more than 200 coins including bitcoin, ethereum and other altcoin exchanges and markets in top 20 currencies around the world.

  • Bitcoin Rate Converter & Tracker

    Track real-time bitcoin rates in multiple currencies
  • Coinswipe

    1 review

    Coinswipe is like "Tinder for scoring ICOs" Swipe bad token aspects left - win points. Swipe good ones right - win points. Coinswipe rewards users for identifying weak projects, correctly identifying winners and submitting accurate data on ICOs, helping the crypto community make better decisions as a group.

    great way to identify excellent projects and knock down those not up to scratch.

  • CryptoJunkie

    Convert the 'New tab' in Chrome into a cryptocurrency hub
  • Coinavy

    Coinavy is a platform that provides information related to the crypto-world, initially covering ICOs, Whitelists, and Events. What makes it different from the rest is its ability to allow everyone to contribute to it either by submitting new ICOs, Whitelists, and Events or by editing/ suggesting the newer changes to existing data on platform.

  • Cryptohawk 2.0

    A hub for all crypto currency needs
  • Bitcompare

    Bitcompare is a comparison site that helps you find the best interest rates and terms for your crypto assets. Earn up to 12% interest on Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD & more. Before you Bitcoin, Bitcompare.
  • Cryptocracy

    1 review

    Powered by Blockstack and Blockchain technology, Cryptocracy gives its user an unprecedented level of insight and participation in crowd funding initiatives, locally or abroad.

    NOTE: Cryptocracy was previously known as Souq.

    Cannot wait to use when completed

  • CryptoSpace

    1 review

    CryptoSpace is a one stop shop for everything cryptocurrency related. This free app provides the latest news curated from multiple sources to keep you up to date with the latest developments in the crypto space!

    The app is divided into four parts:

    1. Latest News

    2. Live, finished, and upcoming ICOs

    3. Coin prices and trends

    4. Customized watchlist