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4 alternative and related products to Hykoo


Short stories told in 12-second videos with text

4 Alternatives to Hykoo

Fiction in the form of text messages

Mohammed Rafy
Mohammed Rafy- All things Community
Hooked is a “chat fiction” app that has gotten 20 million teens to collectively read over 10 billion fictional text messages in the past six months.
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4 Alternatives to Hooked

A new epic fantasy series from Serial Box

Born to the Blade is a new epic fantasy series from Serial Box, a company offering weekly installments of serialized fiction in ebook and audio.

This series combines the visionary high fantasy setting and tense politics of series like Game of Thrones and Mistborn.

Ep. 1 is available for free in audio and ebook on Serial Box's app and website.

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For centuries, the Warder's Circle on the neutral islands of Twaa-Fei has given the nations of the sky a way to avoid war, as their chosen warders settle disputes through magical duels of blade and sigil. But that peace is on the edge of crumbling, crushed between the aggression of the Mertikan Empire and the determination of the still-free nations to not be… See more
Den of Geek
Serial fiction has come a long way since Dickens was writing-and publishing-it in the 1800s. But some trends come full circle, and while Dickens would never have imagined the bite-sized digital fiction format, some of the stories might ring familiar.
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