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9 alternative and related products to Huttle Jobs

Huttle Jobs

Find entry-level jobs and internships in NYC + SF

9 Alternatives to Huttle Jobs

Find internships in the UK that pay the Living Wage 🇬🇧

Living Wage Interns is a website that shows internships that pay the Living Wage which reflects actual living costs. With so many internships being unpaid, it's hard to find paid positions. This is the first website to group all living wage internships in one place. There is also a newsletter so people can stay informed of the latest positions.

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I recently started a website, Living Wage Interns , which shows internships that pay the real living wage e.g. a salary that reflects living costs and is above the minimum wage. In most of the UK this is £8.75 and in London it's higher at £10.20.
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Apprenticeship program and career accelerator

Praxis is a professional bootcamp + paid startup apprenticeship for people ready to launch a career, no degree required. Startups aren't just for coders, and apprenticeships aren't just for welders!

We help people build a body of work to showcase skills and win career opportunities, then place them in an awesome role at a startup!

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Praxis ( is a rising college-alternative apprenticeship program that makes some big claims. Are they all true? Find out here.
As a high-school senior in Hampton, Va., Aidan Cary applied last year to prestigious universities like Dartmouth, Vanderbilt and the University of Virginia. Then he clicked on the website for a one-year-old school called MissionU and quickly decided that's where he wanted to go. Mr. Cary, 19 years old, is enrolled in a one-year, data-science...
Answer (1 of 15): Hi there, I was the first Praxis participant. I found out about it in 2013. Praxis was a quarter million dollar decision for me. I offer no exaggeration. I completed the Praxis program from Feb '14 to Nov '14, was promptly promoted by my business partner the day it ended to VP ...
When he speaks at academic conferences on the future of higher education, as in all other professional settings, Isaac Morehouse's preferred attire is jeans, flip-flops and a T-shirt bearing the logo of Praxis, the company he founded with the ambitious goal of killing off the college degree.
Praxis is a twelve-month program that places young people with startups to apprentice, learn, grow, and walk away with valuable career skills. Learn more at: See more
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