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All your music in one place -- no ads, no fees, non-stop

8 alternative and related products to Humm

Apple Music

All the ways you love music. All in one place.

Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
The only app/service I pay for. Makes music discovery easy and it's cheap!
Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
Apple offered a free trial and got me hooked. I've been paying the equivalent of $2 a month for access to unlimited number of songs. After a while, I gravitated to using the Radio and Playlists features for music discovery. Sharing sucks though.
Prasanna Pegu- Learning to build smart things.
Being an avid music listener, Apple Music is a must have for me. And the seamless sync between all my devices is a plus. On a side note, you can even upload your own music collections to the iCloud Music Library and sync it across. (Haven't tried Spotify as it legally isn't available here in India right now, so can't compare 🤷‍♂️)
7 Alternatives to Apple Music


Any song. One tap away.

Pavan Sethi- building things.
Discover Weekly is amazing at recommending music + sharing playlists with friends is super easy.
Şamil Karahisar- Programmer
I use it because I don't have a better alternative than Spotify. I hate their ad spamming tho. Daily mixes are really the best thing Spotify has against its competitors.
Jessica L Williams- Founder, Tech Biz Gurl, LLC
I <3 the Daily Mixes!
3 Alternatives to Spotify

Cymbal Universal Translator for Chrome

Listen to any song with your streaming subscription

The Cymbal Chrome Extension transforms any Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer player into Cymbal's Universal Player, which always shows you any song or album on the streaming service you subscribe to. In this way, you never have to encounter a song you can't listen to via your subscription, add to playlists, or use to drive monetized plays to artists.

9 Alternatives to Cymbal Universal Translator for Chrome
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