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Free and open source video conference app in the browser

Efficient video meetings with up to 12 people!

Collaborate from anywhere! is a web-based video collaboration tool that lets you have video meetings effortlessly with up to 12 people. You can start a conversation with no registration or download, and claim your own customized video room for regular meetings. PRO offers further features.

Rodney Peixoto- Founder at
I've been using Appear with my remote team, and recommend it.
Cole Schiffer- Making things cosntatntly
So easy, free, and no setup or app required.
Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. makes video conferences super easy. blog
We're excited to announce the new PRO version of, making video collaboration even easier for teams and professionals. Upgrade to PRO for $9.99/month for more productive meetings!
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Turn any room into a cloud-based video conferencing room

Clayton Pritchard- Product Marketing Manager at Highfive
Highfive makes it super easy to connect with your team or people external no matter if they're connecting from a meeting room, their laptop, or a mobile device. There's no need to install anything because you just click the link and the meeting happens in your browser with all features included like screen sharing (both viewing and sharing) and industry lead… See more
Clayton Pritchard- Product Marketing Manager at Highfive
Highfive makes having meetings super easy whether people are joining from a meeting room, their laptops, or their mobile devices. Thanks to a partnership with Dolby Voice, the audio is the best in the industry with excellent background noise and echo cancellation. Plus, it's built on WebRTC which means you can join directly from your web browser without down… See more
If you've ever done a conference call, you know all of the ways in which communication can break down. I know I do. My recent call with the founders of Highfive, a new video conferencing startup launching Oct. 7, took 15 minutes to start because no one could hear me on the other end.
It's not an exaggeration to say that all conference calls are lame. But maybe ... it's the hardware? Highfive is a new device that promises to cut the speakerphones, projectors and dial-ins from company cultures. It's trying to follow the Nest formula: Take a gadget that's boring, make it slick and friendly.
The Verge
Today, the odds are better than ever that the team you work with is composed of people from around the country or even the world. To get together for collaboration and conversation, we arrange conference calls. Unfortunately, conference calls are hell, as depicted in this YouTube video.
Googlers call it "the VC" link. Inside Google offices across the globe, company engineers and other employees communicate with distant colleagues via a multi-million-dollar video conferencing system developed by the tech giant itself.
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Searchabe and retrievable video conferencing in Slack! is a very simple and smart web browser-based video conferencing service in Slack which allows teams to quickly communicate and gather information to retrieve later on. Meeting information is not lost any more thanks to cloud video recording, colloaborative meeting minutes and automated transcription service.

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